Today is National Camera Day! Here are 5 ways to celebrate

National Camera Day
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Did you know that June 29 is National Camera Day? Well, we didn't either. But it is a thing - and celebrated on the same every day... a bit like National Egg Day, Ugliest Dog Day, and International Asteroid Day that also apparently take place every year in June.

Here at Digital Camera World, we are into celebrating cameras and photography every day of the year – but we are very happy to call out this day in particular,  and especially so as this year June 29 falls on the weekend!

So how will you celebrate National Camera Day? Here are ten things to inspire you…

1. #cameraday

The most obvious thing to do on National Camera Day is to go out and take pictures! But when you do, also share them with others by tagging them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtags #cameraday and #nationalcameraday. We'll keep a look out for your stunning images :)

2. See the sunrise...

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Why not make the most of National Camera Day by getting out and about before dawn? It is the middle of summer in the Northern Hemisphere - so this will mean a special effort. But getting yourself into position in time for sunrise will often mean getting the best light (and particularly so on a sunny summer day) - and the key is that at this time of day is that the light on the subject changes quickly, creating a greater range of photographic possibilities.

Of course, if you can't get yourself up that early... you could stop out until sunset instead!

3. Try something new

National Camera Day could also be the day you decide to try to shoot something different with your camera. Take yourself out of your comfort zone... and try shooting something that you have not ever tackled before. 

We have some great photography tutorials for you to give you inspiration. Have you tried to photograph birds in flight, for instance? Or have you ever taken a slow shutter speed shots of waterfalls? Or tried focus stacking? Or mastered the weird world of cross polarization

If you are struggling for an idea look through 177 photography tips to find something to try out for the first time!

4. Revive old photos

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Have you got a box or drawer full of your old photos? Stacks of slides or packs of prints that contain your early exploits with a camera. National Camera Day is a great excuse for getting your ageing shots out and seeing how your photography has improved over the years (or got worse!). A great project would be dig out the best of these shots, and then bring them back to life by digitizing them.

There are two ways to do this... buy a film scanner, or photograph them with your own camera (you can find how you can digitize your prints and slides using a DSLR or mirrorless camera here). 

5. Amazing five for a fiver deal!

Five for a fiver subscription offer

Five for a fiver subscription offer (Image credit: Digital Camera World)

Digital Camera World is not just a website... we also produce a monthly magazine about photography. Why not celebrate National Camera Day by takine a vow to take photography more seriously and sign up for a magazine subscription. We currently have a great summer sale going on... where you can get five issues for a fiver - that's $5 in the America, £5 in the UK, or €5 in Europe. 

This deal is not just available on Digital Camera magazine... but also on the other magazines we publish on a huge variety of subjects (and including three other photo mags), so take a look

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