Bring your cinematic vision to life with the right video camera system

(Image credit: Lê Minh)

With all the innovations and constant changes, choosing the right video camera can be a challenge. With many pros and cons in handling, movement possibilities and technical features, when buying a video camera system, make sure it can satisfy your needs. 

One important aspect to consider is the sensor size. The larger the sensor, the more depth-of-field is achievable. Another main decision is the choice of resolution. Most cameras record in 4K, but the question is which resolution is best for your project. 4K, 6K, or 8K records have higher image resolution, more pixel data, and translate to more color depth in your videos. As a result, you have more options in post-production, but the large amount of data can also slow your workflow. 

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Kim Bunermann
Technique Editor

Kim is the Technique Editor of Digital Photographer Magazine. She specializes in architecture, still life and product photography and has a Master's degree in Photography and Media with a distinction from the FH Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences in Germany. While studying, Kim came to the UK for an exchange term at the London College of Communication. She settled in the UK and began her career path by joining Future. Kim focuses on tutorials and creative techniques, and particularly enjoys interviewing inspiring photographers who concentrate on a range of fascinating subjects including women in photography, the climate crisis; the planet, its precious creatures and the environment.