Clever girl: Red's 8K Raptor cameras get new Super35 sensors

RED V-Raptor S35 lineup
(Image credit: RED)

Red's 8K Raptor cameras, previously equipped with the company's full-frame Vista Vision sensor, are now available with Super35 sensors. The announcement came without much fanfare, perhaps because it was always on the cards that Red would eventually bring the Super35 format to the DSCM 3 camera lineup.

The Super35 versions of the Red V-Raptor and Red V-Raptor XL camera systems are otherwise essentially the same as their full-frame counterparts, which ranked among the best cinema cameras for hi-res shooting. The new 8K Super35 sensor has the same scan times as the 8K Vista Vision sensor – which is twice as fast as previous generations, while maintaining an impressive dynamic range of 16.5+ stops.

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RED V-Raptor XL 8K S35 (Image credit: RED)

These new Super 35 cameras feature a 35.4MP CMOS sensor with dimensions of 26.21 x 13.82mm, which can be used with lenses that cover up to a 29.63mm image circle – making them a great choice for your next short film, or to pick take your production company to the next level.

The V-Raptor S35 features an integrated Canon RF mount, and it is also compatible with RF/EF mount adapters. With the RF mount, you can also use a variety of adapters to put various different lenses on the camera. 

If your lenses are PL-mount then you might want to take a look at the V-Raptor XL, which comes standard with a PL mount. It comes at a cost, however: a $17,000 premium, which is an insane price increase just to have a standard PL-mount camera. The XL does boast more professional inputs and features than the regular Raptor, but the price really is a bitter pill to swallow.

RED V-Raptor 8K S35 (Image credit: RED)

The V-Rapoter and V-Raptor XL are capable of recording in the following resolutions and frame-rates:

8K: 120 fps at 8K 17:9 (8192 x 4320), 150 fps at 8K 2.4:1 (8192 x 3456), 140 fps at 7K 17:9 (7168 x 3780), 175 fps at 7K 2.4:1 (7168 x 3024) 

6K: 160 fps at 6K 17:9 (6144 x 3240), 200 fps at 6K 2.4:1 (6144 x 2592) 

5K: 192 fps at 5K 17:9 (5120 x 2700), 240 fps at 5K 2.4:1 (5120 x 2160) 2

4K: 40 fps at 4K 17:9 (4096 x 2160), 300 fps at 4K 2.4:1 (4096 x 1728) 

3K: 320 fps at 3K 17:9 (3072 x 1620), 400 fps at 3K 2.4:1 (3072 x 1296) 

2K: 480 fps at 2K 17:9 (2048 x 1080), 600 fps at 2K 2.4:1 (2048 x 864)

The Red V-Raptor 8K S35 and Red V-Raptor XL 8K S35 are available to order directly from or through any of Red's authorized resellers. The standard 8K S35 is priced at $17,995 (approximately £15,114 / AU$27,157) while the XL, which can be equipped in either V-Lock or Gold Mount, retails for a whopping $34,995 (roughly £29,396 / AU$52,813)

While these cameras are going to be out of the price range for many (including me), it's great to see Red expanding its lineup and keeping the Super35 format alive. 

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