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The best GoPro Hero 9 deals in September 2022

best GoPro Hero 9 deals
(Image credit: GoPro)

If you're looking for the most up to date and best GoPro Hero 9 Black deals, you're in the right place. The 2020 flagship model in the GoPro family builds on the company's reputation as the king of the action camera camp – offering a front color LCD screen, that is invaluable for framing the shots whether you are shooting yourself heading haring down a slope, or streaming a YouTube vlog. We are constantly monitoring prices, to offer you the best Hero 9 deals we can find.

Following the arrival of the GoPro Hero 10 (opens in new tab), the Hero 9 is not longer the top model in the range – but it also means that there are some better deals, on what is still a standout actioncam.

With its huge 23.6 MP sensor, the GoPro Hero9 Black (opens in new tab) boast detailed, clean, smooth and stable video at up to 5K, along with improved photo ability. The size has for sure increased, but it remains pocket-sized – and besides, the larger rear screen and a front screen make the extra bulk more than worthwhile. 

The in-camera software is excellent, too, with impressive image stabilization along with the tweaked TimeWarp 3.0 mode. The smartphone app is the icing on the cake, offering trouble-free hook-up, easy-to-use controls, settings tweaks, file transfer and simple edits. It's impressive, easy to use and thoroughly enjoyable. 

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GoPro Hero9 Black key specs

Get to grips with the flagship Hero action cam

Weight: 158g | Waterproof: 10m | 5K video: up to 30fps | 4K video: up to 60fps | 1080: up to 240fps | 720: up to 240fps | Stills resolution: 20MP | Battery life: 1-3hrs estimate

Front-facing screen
20MP photos  
14.7 MP grabs from video

Larger physical size than other GoPros
5K video takes up a lot of memory

The Hero 9 Black built on the modular system of GoPro Mods (opens in new tab) introduced with the GoPro Hero 8 Black (opens in new tab) introduced in 2019. These include the Media Mod, Light Mod and Display Mod. Media Mod (opens in new tab), which physically supports the other two, offers a directional microphone and cold shoe accessory mounts

The most important new accessory only for the Hero9 Black is the Max Lens Mod accessory that offers  360º horizon lock (so the camera can be rotated through 360º) and an ultra-wide 155º Max SuperView mode.

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