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Should I wait for Amazon Prime Day to buy a Sony camera?

Should I wait for Amazon Prime Day to buy a Sony camera?

It's a classic dilemma. You want a new camera, but you know that Amazon Prime Day is coming up in less than weeks. So do you wait and hope for a good deal, or should you just snap one up right now? 

With Amazon Prime Day coming up on 21 and 22 June, the Prime Day camera deals are going to start kicking into overdrive soon – but the quality of deals varies greatly between the different cameras brands. 

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However, if you're specifically in the market for a Sony camera, we definitely recommend that you sit tight for a bit longer, as Amazon Prime Day has historically been an great opportunity to make serious savings on Sony kit.

Of course, you shouldn't go expecting to make massive savings on something like the newly released, six-grand Sony A1 – it's simply too new, too high end and too in-demand for there to be any realistic deals on it. For the rest of Sony's lineup, though, you can definitely expect some big bargains.

Let's take the Sony A7 II, for example. Just before Prime Day last year, it was reduced by £170 in the UK and available with the 28-70mm kit lens for a very attractive £959. However, when the Prime Day deals kicked in, the bundle was reduced by a further £120 to just £839.

There was an even better deal on the original Sony A7, which had its price slashed by £400 to just £599 including the 28-70mm lens. And even high-resolution models were reduced, such as the Sony A7R II receiving a whopping £500 price drop.

It wasn't just the Alphas series of mirrorless cameras that saw great deals, either. One of the best compact cameras, the Sony RX100 IV, had £50 knocked off the label in the form of cashback. 

In short, if you've got your eye on a Sony camera there's a very good chance that you can save a few bucks on Amazon Prime Day – so for now, sit tight and see what deals materialize! And if you want to see what other non-camera savings are coming up, check out the wider range of Amazon Prime Day deals on offer. 

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