7 best cameras for overall AF performance

How to configure your autofocus: step 2

Some old-school photographers may tell you that you don’t need an autofocus (AF) system in a camera, but there are few that will dispute that a good one can make life much easier – especially if your vision is less than 20:20.

A good AF system will get a subject sharp faster than the blink of an eye and keep it in focus even if it moves. Our friends and guest bloggers at Photoventure take a look at some of the best AF systems out there.

7 best cameras for overall AF performance: 01. Canon EOS 1Dx

1. Canon EOS-1Dx

While Nikon users swear by the D4 and D4S, professional Canon photographers are just as keen on the EOS-1Dx.

This full-frame camera has 61 AF points on offer, giving slightly more comprehensive coverage than the D4S.

What’s more it can continue to focus when shooting at 12fps, giving one more image every second than the D4S – that could be important when shooting fast moving sport.

Significantly for users of long telephoto lenses with teleconverters, the 1DX can focus with effective maximum apertures as small as f/8, a trick it offered following a firmware upgrade to bring it into line with the Nikon D4S.

The finer points of the AF system aren’t quite as intuitive to set-up as the D4S’s, but there’s lots of control and it works incredibly well delivering sharp images even in very low light.


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