Adobe Lightroom 5 review: is this the game-changer you’ve been waiting for?

New features in Lightroom 5 - Radial Gradient

What’s new in Adobe Lightroom 5? We put Lightroom 5’s new features to the test to see how they might change the way you work in our Adobe Lightroom 5 review.

Adobe Lightroom 5 review: is this the game-changer you've been waiting for?

Adobe Lightroom works in a very different way to conventional photo-editing tools, with a complete, integrated workflow for importing, managing, editing and sharing your photos.

Lightroom can’t match Photoshop’s layers, masks, blend modes and other high-end image-manipulation tools, but from the photographer’s point of view it still has practically all the enhancement and adjustment tools you need to make a good photograph great, plus some unique advantages.

First, all your adjustments are non-destructive. You can go back at any time to reverse, remove or re-edit them, and all the time your original images remain intact an unchanged.

Second, it treats raw files in the same way as any other, editing them directly and seamlessly with no conversion process required.

Third, Lightroom is a full-powered, professional image cataloguing tool that can organise and search tens of thousands of images using EXIF data, IPTC metadata, smart collections and more.

It’s a million miles away from Adobe Bridge, which is just a simple and very limited folder browser by comparison.

With Adobe Lightroom 5, the crossover between Lightroom and Photoshop is larger still, because Adobe has made major enhancements to one editing tool and added two completely new ones.

So let’s take a look at this tool’s other new features, to see how well they work and what they can do for your photographs.

PAGE 1: How Lightroom works
PAGE 2: New features in Lightroom 5 – Advanced Healing
PAGE 3: New features in Lightroom 5 – Upright tool
PAGE 4: New features in Lightroom 5 – Radial Gradient
PAGE 5: New features in Lightroom 5 – Smart previews, slideshows & photo books
PAGE 6: Adobe Lightroom 5 Review Verdict & Specs
PAGE 7: Our original Adobe Lightroom 5 announcement story


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