Adobe Lightroom 4 review

Adobe Lightroom 4 review

Is Adobe Lightroom 4 the all-in-one image cataloguer and photo editing software that finally undercuts Photoshop? Find out in our Adobe Lightroom 4 review.

Adobe Lightroom 4 review

Adobe Lightroom 4 takes care of all your photographic needs, from importing your photos to organising them, enhancing them and sharing them with other people as books slideshows, prints or web galleries.

It’s arranged as a series of modules, displayed horizontally along the top of the window. It’s in the first Library module that most of the work is done.

Here, you import your photos then browse them in their original folders, or organise them into Collections for specific jobs or projects.

You can also create Smart Collections, which use search criteria to automatically pick out shots taken within a certain time period or with keywords, for example.

You enhance your photos in the Develop module, and the editing tools here are based around those in Adobe Camera Raw, the same raw-conversion software that comes with Photoshop.

The tools are arranged in a more accessible and logical format though, using collapsible panels at the side of the screen.
Adobe Lightroom 4 makes no distinction between raw format files, JPEGs, TIFF images or Photoshop files – it works on them all in the same way.

Finally, all the adjustments you make are non-destructive – the original images remain unaltered, and you can modify or remove any of your adjustments at any time.

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