Photoshop CS7: 11 features we’d like to see

Photoshop CS7: 11 features we'd like to see

Yes, we know… you only just coughed up for Photoshop CS6, but now that it’s here and we’re using it, there’s no reason we should start writing down what features we’d like to see in Adobe Photoshop CS7, is there? It is, after all, the time of year for making wishlists!

So now that the dust has settled, indulge us for a moment as we reflect on what we’d like to see in Photoshop CS7.

Photoshop CS7: 11 features we'd like to see

11 features we desperately want in Photoshop CS7

1. De-blur
The leaked video at Photoshop world that showed a filter capable of rescuing a blurred photo caused a sensation (with some denouncing it as a fake), yet there’s been no word of it since.

2. Tool to overlap or tuck layers
A feature previewed a while ago that allowed you to tuck a layer over or under one another, weaving them in and out.

3. The Old Crop tool
We’ve been using Photoshop CS6’s new Crop tool for a while now and keep waiting for it to click with us, but it’s just not happening. Three reasons why: The crop box looks too similar to the Transform bounding box; we miss the Front Image button; and call us old fashioned but we prefer dragging a crop box rather than having it already there.

4 Keyboard shortcut to alter brush angle
How about a keyboard shortcut for Photoshop CS7 that allows you to rotate your brush tip clockwise and anti-clockwise?

5. Clarity slider/brush/Adjustment Layer in CS
The Clarity slider is one of Adobe Camera Raw’s most useful controls, so why not bring the same functionality into Photoshop CS7? It would be great to have a Clarity Adjustment Layer.

6.  Print templates
Everyone has a printer that uses standard paper sizes, so why not include a template feature in Photoshop CS7 that can allow you to print templates such as, say,  3 6×4 inch prints on one piece of A4? How about a dedicated Print Template command?

7. Blend Mode brush
We’d love to see a blend mode brush in Photoshop CS7 that allows you to change the blend mode of different parts of a layer simply by painting over it.

8. Command to open a sequence of images one after another
Let’s say you’ve got a bunch of wedding photos. You don’t want to open them all in one go, so you work on them in batches of ten or so instead. It would be great if Photoshop CS7 had a feature like the Autoloader plugin, which allows you to target a folder then open the files inside one at a time, with the next in the sequence opening automatically each time you close an image.

9. Price drop!
Come on Adobe, we know you produce amazing software, but does it really have to be so expensive? We’ve asked our readers several times what they’d like to see in Photoshop CS7, and this tops every list!

10. HUD for other filters like the Blur Gallery
The intuitive’ Heads Up Display’ in the new Blur and Lighting Effects gallery works like a dream. How about the same display for other filters in Photoshop CS7? Some, like Zoom Blur and Lens Flare (with their tiny square preview box that’s impossible to judge) could really benefit from an update.

11. Reset All sliders button for Adjustment Brush/Graduated Filter tool in ACR
Adobe Camera Raw’s Adjustment Brush and Graduated Filter tools always remember the last used settings, which can be annoying if you want to make lots of different adjustments, as you end up hhaving to reset each slider every time. We’ve lost count the number of times we’ve forgotten to reset a slider (the temperature and Color box are regular culprits). Surely a Reset All control isn’t too much to ask for?


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