Back button focus made easy

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    How to set up back button focus on your camera


    How to set up back button focus: step 1

    01 Find the Custom Function
    Example for a Canon EOS 5D Mark II 
(for other makes and models check your manual). Press the Menu button and use the Main Dial to highlight the Custom Functions. Use the Quick Control dial to highlight C.Fn IV: Operation/Others, and press Set.


    How to set up back button focus: step 2

    02 Activate the back button
    This will open Custom Function 1: Shutter Button/AF-ON Button. To activate back-button focusing, you need to select option 3: AE lock/Metering+AF Start. To do this, press Set, then use the Quick Control dial to scroll to option 3 and press Set again.


    How to set up back button focus: step 3

    03 And shoot!
    Press the Menu button twice to clear the LCD. With this option selected, you can use the AF-ON button to activate autofocus and take a meter reading, and the shutter button to release the shutter. It takes a bit 
of practice, but it works a treat!

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