Canon 5D Mark II meets 1908 cinema camera lens

Timur Civan's Canon 5D Mark II and old cinematic lens

To achieve a vintage look for an upcoming photography project, Timur Civan attached a Wollensak 35mm F5.0 Cine-Velostigmat hand-cranked cinema camera lens from 1908 (or possibly earlier) to his Canon 5D Mark II. As expected, the results achieved the vintage/retro photographic look as we’ve seen in similar projects. However, this particular project has yielded the most beautiful images, and unlike the others has been used to create a short video to showcase what the lens and camera combination is capable of.

Civan says, “This lens is a piece of motion picture history, and at this point rare beyond words.”

Watch the video below:

102 year old lens on 5D mkII – Video Footage by Timur Civan from Timur Civan on Vimeo.

A few images from the ‘Frankencamera’:

Canon 5D Mark II old lens

Canon 5D Mark II old lens

Canon 5D Mark II old lens

Source: Planet 5D


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