How memory cards work: free photography cheat sheet

How memory cards work: free photography cheat sheet

Have you ever wondered how memory cards work? Too often we put them in our digital cameras but don’t consider how hard they work to store and transfer our images.

The truth is there is a surprising amount of sophisticated engineering that goes into making memory cards work, but it’s not well publicized.

In our latest photography cheat sheet we’ve decided to look at how memory cards work. In the infographic below we have deciphered all of the numbers and abbreviations marked on the front of your memory cards to explain what exactly they mean in terms of your card’s size, speed, class, etc.

We’ve also broken down how many photos you can expect to store on the most common sizes of memory cards, as well as looked at the anatomy of your memory cards to show what exactly is inside.

To view this cheat sheet, simply click on the image below to expand it – or visit our Flickr page to download the hi-res version. We’ve included links at the end of this page to download an even higher resolution file from our Flickr page.

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How memory cards work: free photography cheat sheet


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