Free landscape photography cheat sheet

Free landscape photography cheat sheet: download our essential landscape photography tips

Landscape photography got you down? Don’t be glum. It can take years to get it right. But hopefully in your case we can cut that time dramatically. In the latest of our Photography Cheat Sheet series we have below a free infographic with all sorts of great photography tips for shooting landscapes.

Starting with some of the rules of composition, our landscape photography cheat sheet will guide you through how to identify a good scene to photograph, as well as take you through some of the key camera settings you’ll need to get it right (see our 10 Commandments of Landscape Photography – and how to break them).

We also show you how to compose for different types of landscape scenes (for more see our 10 rules of photo composition – and why they work).

Simply drag and drop the infographic below on to your desktop and save it for the next time you need a helpful hand with your camera or even just some inspiration to help liven up your landscape photos.

Landscape photography cheat sheet


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  • Joe Hickey

    aaarrrghhhh frustrating. Is there some way to print out that 2 page landscapes tips sheet. I can only get it to print in a miniscule 2″ x 4″ size. Unreadable. Any suggestions?