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More retro Nikon camera details leak! "Nikon Zfc" to cost under $1,000

Nikon Zfc
This mockup from Nikon Rumors shows what the Nikon Zfc could look like (Image credit: Nikon Rumors)

UPDATE: More images have been leaked of the Nikon Zfc, the much-rumored "retro-inspired" camera that will apparently be announced at the end of the month. 

The new images of the Nikon Zfc – which is said to be an APS-C camera possessing specifications largely in line with the Nikon Z50 – give us a closer look at the electronic viewfinder along with the top panel, consisting of three separate exposure control dials. 

Much like the best Fujifilm cameras, these comprise old school shutter and ISO dials with the speeds encircling each one, along with an exposure compensation dial when shooting in semiautomatic modes. We also see a dedicated 'record' button along with separate switches to toggle between stills and movies, as well as M/A/S/P/Auto (manual / aperture priority / shutter priority / program / automatic) shooting modes, and a tiny "F" LCD panel.

It does appear from these new shots, leaked by Nikon Rumors, that the initial images of the camera (including the main image above) may be conceptual rather than of the actual production design, since they depict very different ISO / M/A/S/P/Auto dials. Now we just need to see the front and the back of the camera properly!  

The leaked ISO / shooting mode dial is drastically different to earlier images (including the main image above) (Image credit: Nikon Rumors / NPR)

(Image credit: Nikon Rumors / NPR)

(Image credit: Nikon Rumors / NPR)

ORIGINAL STORY (14 Jun 2021): Rumors of a retro-inspired Nikon camera have been floating around in the ether for a while, but now it seems that we can finally take a look at some potential specs. This vintage-looking camera, reportedly called the "Nikon Zfc", will feature a Nikon Df-inspired design, including mechanical dials and an articulating screen. 

The Nikon Zfc will be a mirrorless camera that's reported to have very similar technical specifications to the Nikon Z50, which features a 20.9MP APS-C sensor, up to 11fps continuous shooting, 4K video and a lightweight 395g body. 

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Nikon Rumors is the source of these new specification leaks, advising that we could be seeing the Nikon Zfc appear as soon as 28 June, with shipping beginning from 31 July. Nikon Rumors also states that the Nikon Zfc and accompanying kit lens will cost just $999 and will come in three different possible colors, silver, black and brown. 

There will also apparently be two new APS-C Z-mount lenses, each with 'SE' in their title. These new pieces of glass will be a 28mm f/2.8 and a 35mm f/1.8, with the latter coming packaged as the Nikon Zfc's kit lens. For those hoping for vintage-styled lenses, it seems you'll unfortunately be disappointed, as the new lenses will reportedly feature the usual Nikkor Z design.

Nikon's last retro-style system camera was the Nikon Df full-frame DSLR which was launched in 2013 (Image credit: Nikon)

In terms of the actual camera body itself, the Nikon Zfc is rumored to feature a "very thin camera body without a handgrip". Its shape and handling will apparently be similar to old Nikon FM cameras, so former Nikon film camera users should be able to find a familiar experience with this upcoming camera.

With the potential announcement date of 28 June drawing nearer, we wouldn't be surprised to see more details leak about this new exciting camera, so keep your eyes peeled!

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