Common photo problems and how to fix them in Photoshop: #7 There are color fringes in my highlights

Photoshop color fringes
(Image credit: James Paterson)

Chromatic aberration is not a new problem, but it's certainly not getting any better. Lens makers always have to make optical compromises to design affordable zoom lenses, and chromatic aberration, or chromatic aberration, is an extremely common side-effect. Some cameras have in-built corrections for JPEG images, but if you shoot raw files you'll have to apply those yourself.

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James Paterson

The lead technique writer on Digital Camera MagazinePhotoPlus: The Canon Magazine and N-Photo: The Nikon Magazine, James is a fantastic general practice photographer with an enviable array of skills across every genre of photography. 

Whether it's flash photography techniques like stroboscopic portraits, astrophotography projects like photographing the Northern Lights, or turning sound into art by making paint dance on a set of speakers, James' tutorials and projects are as creative as they are enjoyable. 

He's also a wizard at the dark arts of Photoshop, Lightroom and Affinity Photo, and is capable of some genuine black magic in the digital darkroom, making him one of the leading authorities on photo editing software and techniques.