Venus Optics announces three new Laowa ultra-wide cine lenses for Canon RF mount

Venus Optics announces three new Laowa ultra-wide cine lenses for Canon RF mount
(Image credit: Venus Optics)

Venus Optics has recently released three new ultra wide cine lenses for Canon RF mount cameras, including the Laowa 9mm T2.9 Zero-D, Laowa 15mm T2.1 Zero-D and Laowa 12mm T2.9 Zero-D. These lenses are designed to work with Canon RF mount cameras, including the Red Komodo, Canon R5, Canon R6 and the Canon C70.

Lens manufacturer Venus Optics is well known for specializing in unique camera lenses – and these new lenses look set to impress. Built with robust cinema lens housing, these new Laowa lenses will have a super wide field-of-view to help filmmakers squeeze every last bit of detail into their scene.

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Not only do these three new Laowa lenses feature a super wide focal length, they also have a fantastically fast maximum aperture as well. The 9mm T2.9 features an approximate 113° FoV on Super35 sensors while the 15mm T2.1 and 12mm T2.9 feature a 110° and 122° FoV respectively on cameras with full frame sensors. Fast lenses like this mean that filmmakers can shoot in low light conditions.

Each of the lenses have been designed to be compact and lightweight, with the 9mm weighing a feather-light 226g, the 15mm weighing 540g and the 12mm weighing just 675g. Their light and compact nature should make them well suited to run-and-gun productions, shooting with gimbals, in-car shots and more.

The lenses each possess a very close focusing distance, enabling filmmakers to capture close-up shots. The 9mm can focus as close as 12cm, the 12mm can focus up to 18cm and the 15mm can focus up to 15cm – all measured from sensor to subject.

These new Laowa cine lenses for Canon RF mount are available to purchase on the Venus Optics official website. The US price for 9mm T2.9 is $599/pc (ex-VAT), $1,199/pc (ex-VAT) for 15mm T2.1 and $1,499/pc (ex-VAT) for 12mm T2.9. 

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