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Trick or treat? Leica would like to sell you a $225 wicker basket

Trick or treat? Leica would like to sell you a $225 wicker basket
(Image credit: Leica)

Do you love Leica? Do you love Leica so much that you would like the world to know? How about wicker – do you love wicker, too? And how are you inclined towards lilac, is that also something you love? 

Then forget all the rumors about the new Leica SL2 – this is by far the most exciting Leica announcement for you this month! 

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The Leica Wicker Basket in lilac is the latest luxury accessory you didn't know you needed (and, in fact, you probably didn't). Perfect for complementing your presumably lilac Leica, and co-ordinating with your no doubt lilac (or possibly wicker) outfits, this is unquestionably the most extravagant way to carry your camera.

Hand-crafted from woven osier wicker, with handles and edging that are made from "the finest cowhide leather" featuring an embossed a Leica logo, this bag is gunning for the best luxury leather and canvas camera bags.

If you love Leica, lilac and wicker in equal measure, this is the bag for you

If you love Leica, lilac and wicker in equal measure, this is the bag for you (Image credit: Leica)

Don't worry about the wicker scratching your kit, as the bag comes with "an inside pocket perfectly-sized for a Leica compact camera". And just in case the embossed logo is too subtle, the Leica Wicker Basket also features an "I love Leica" charm. 

Believe it or not, all this can be yours for a cool $225 – and if that wasn't enough to beggar your belief, this wicker wonder is limited to just 250 pieces worldwide, implying a level of desirability we genuinely hitherto didn't know existed. 

If you happen to be in Miami, then you're probably exactly the sort of person with enough money to want one you can pop into the Leica Miami store to frisbee your credit card at the staff. Failing that, you can place your pre-order online

Our Spidey Sense tells us that if you have enough cash to think this would be a responsible thing to spend it on, you might also be interested in a $33,000 iPhone with a piece of Yuri Gugarin's spaceship on it, or a tasteful $15,000 Leica M Monochrom with Andy Summers' pictures plastered all over it. 

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