This iPhone ring light is a must-have MagSafe add-on for content creators

Joby Beamo Ring Light for MagSafe
(Image credit: Joby)

Joby has brought out a ring light that is compatible with Apple's Magsafe technology! Ideal for content creators with an iPhone, the ring light can be easily and quickly attached to your phone using MagSafe to light up both the selfie and rear cameras. 

The ring light additionally includes a built-in mirror, perfect for TikTok creators, with a flattering soft daylight-balanced light (5600K) with four levels of brightness control.

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This extremely portable ring light from Joby is compatible with any device when using the supplied sticky adapter, though, its full potential can be explored and put to the test when using its iPhone MagSafe compatibility. 

The first ring light of its kind to offer MagSafe support, this Beamo Ring Light from Joby is available in gray or white, and is designed to give you the most flattering fill and soft light with a minimum setup time, taking your smartphone content to the next level.

If you're unfamiliar with MagSafe, it's Apple's genius creation that enables its devices to adopt faster wireless charging through magnetically engineered technology that has been built into the iPhone 12 and later models. MagSafe was originally created as a safety feature for Apple's MacBook charging cords, that was later branched into an ecosystem of Apple accessories for easy magnetic attachment and charging.

(Image credit: Joby)

A great feature of this ring light from Joby is not only its MagSafe compatibility, but the flip-able design, making it practical for use with both the selfie and rear camera modules of the iPhone. The battery of this ring light is also said to last for up to 4 hours of continuous use, and can be charged via the same iPhone power bank or outlet you use for charging your Apple smartphone, though, an extra charging cable is included with this pocketable kit. 

This ring light would make for a great addition to your setup if you're a content creator who works remotely or on-location, needing a lighter and wireless setup. Or perhaps a gamer who streams for longer periods of time would benefit from switching to a wireless alternative to the best 4K webcams  or prefers to use an iPhone in replacement of the best cameras for streaming.

(Image credit: Digital Camera World)

Whether you specialize in makeup tutorials, cosplay, twitch streaming, or smartphone photography, there's always limitless uses for carrying around LED light panels and ring lights that are designed like this one with creators in mind. 

A light source that is both portable with front and back camera usage, as well as featuring a handy compact mirror for checking those fine details before shooting content can be essential for ensuring you have everything you need in spontaneous setups and location shooting. 

It is available now for $49.95 / £45.95.

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