Tecno teases the world's first 5x telescopic macro lenses for smartphones

tecno unveil new telescopic macro lens for smartphone
(Image credit: Tecno Mobile)

Tecno has been teasing the idea of its upcoming macro lenses for smartphones since December last year, declaring that it would showcase the concept of a phone featuring the new lens that we can expect to see at some point in 2022. 

While the Chinese smartphone manufacturer is yet to reveal a concept phone, it has officially unveiled the new 5x optical zoom telescopic macro lens in a spectacular video – though official specifications and sample images are yet to be released. 

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The video reveals a new telescopic macro lens designed for smartphones that promises to significantly improve the quality of mobile macro shots, as well as the whole experience of taking them. With a lens that extends from the phone body using a mechanical element, the user can capture intense close-up shots of objects without having to actually get too close to them.

According to a GSMArena report, the telephoto macro lens from Tecno will feature a larger aperture than the current generation of smartphone cameras are equipped with. This will surely result in much brighter macro shots with intense quality and detail, revolutionizing mobile macro shooting.

Watch video: Tecnos' telescoping macro smartphone lens

Tecno has reportedly stated that the new telescopic macro camera will not require a large housing, despite the moveable mechanics of the camera unit presumably being much more complex (and therefore potentially needing more space) than a regular smartphone camera unit. 

It is said that Tecno has partnered with Samsung and is working on enhancing the sub-pixel renderings in its smartphones, allowing for significantly increased sensor light intake with a self-developed RGBW sensor algorithm. It is also apparently planning to use a combination of glass and plastic lenses in its devices to increase the camera’s light gathering abilities by a further 30%.

While phones like the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max have been well received for their macro shooting modes, high quality macro photography on smartphones has remained elusive, with many images little better than simply zooming in on standard photos. This true macro technology could therefore make a very big impact. 

Unfortunately, the company is keeping things on the hush side and hasn't revealed when we can expect this macro camera tech to debut in smartphones. It has, however, promised to release a concept phone featuring this new lens in the first quarter of 2022, so we hopefully shouldn't have to wait too long. 

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