Sony A7 IV: Everything we know so far

Sony A7 IV
Sony A7 IV mockup (Image credit: Future)

UPDATE: Rumors are that the release of the Sony A7 IV is still a few months away. According to Sony Alpha Rumors, it is suspected an official announcement will not be made before September, and that we can expect its release that month. No announcement has been made yet to confirm specs.

ORIGINAL STORY (28 Jan 2021): With the announcement of the jaw-droppingly specced Sony A1, it would be understandable if Sony rested on its laurels for the next few months. However, it seems that Sony still has a few camera-shaped cards up its sleeve! We've heard rumors about the Sony A7 IV before, but with the same source having leaked the correct A1 specs, these Sony A7 IV rumors now have a little more weight.

One of the most interesting leaks is that the Sony A7 IV will have a brand new sensor with faster readout. This means that Sony will be getting rid of the old 24MP sensor – and the rumor is that it will be replaced with one around 30-32MP instead.

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According to Sony Alpha Rumors, the Sony A7 IV is also set to see upgrades to its video capabilities (although admittedly not quite at the lofty heights of the 8K video that the Sony A1 offers), with the new camera rumored to have 4K60p video. Compared to the 4K30p offered by the Sony A7 III, this is definitely an improvement (if not a mind-blowing one). 

Other rumors include that the electronic viewfinder (EVF) will have 3.69m dots, rather than the Sony A7 III's resolution of 5.76m dots. Plus, it's also been said that the LCD screen will "also be on the cheap side, but the image quality and AF will be top notch". We assume that these potential downgrades have been made to accommodate the higher expense of the new sensor and better video capabilities without having to raise the price by too much. 

Speaking of the price, it's rumored that the Sony A7 IV will cost around $2,499. This is a little more expensive than the Sony A7 III's original RRP of $2,000. However, with a better specced sensor and better video quality, we're sure that many photographers and videographers won't be put off by a higher price point.  

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