Picfair's new partnership with Adobe offers free photo education!

New partnership between Picfair and Adobe
(Image credit: Kilian Jornet via Picfair)

Some exclusive benefits for photographers have been provided courtesy of online photography store builder Picfair, as a result of its latest partnership with Adobe. As a growing photography e-commerce platform, Picfair enables photographers from all areas to sell and license their images. 

Picfair users can now access two complimentary months of Adobe Photography Plan memberships, able to use both Lightroom and Photoshop for free. If this weren't enough, Picfair has also made its leading educational resources available too. 

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Picfair has joined forces with Adobe Creative Cloud to offer some fantastic benefits for its users. Over half a million photographers now supposedly use Picfair to sell and showcase their creations, and this recent growth in users has encouraged the platform to share its educational photography resources. 

By removing the previous paywall on its educational hub, Focus, that was before only accessible to Picfair Plus members, photographers worldwide now have access to  hundreds of guides and features designed to inspire and up-skill aspiring photographers. These educational articles were commissioned by photographic experts and comprises a digital magazine of sorts. 

Picfair has declared that over 200 articles, from 'how to start a photography side-hustle' to 'where in the world to photograph ghost towns', plus over 60 additional video tutorials have now become available pretty much overnight and are there to be accessed by photographers of all skill levels around the world. 

Picfair's CEO, Benji Lanyado, shares that "This is an amazing opportunity for our photographers across the globe to try out the best photo editing software ever made". He continues, "It feels like a really natural fit - edit your favourite shots with Photoshop and Lightroom, then showcase and sell them on Picfair."

In addition to supplying users with an exclusive Adobe discount, Picfair has created and uploaded to Focus some useful simple beginner tutorials for those who are unfamiliar with using Photoshop and Lightroom. 

Picfair has also began to launch its own photography competitions, with the most recent being its Urban Wildlife photography contest. The deadline for this contest has recently passed, and we should be hearing of the anticipated announced winners shortly. 

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