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Nikon announces NX Field – new remote shooting system for pro sports shooters

NX Field
(Image credit: Nikon)

With the Tokyo 2020 Olympics due to start next month, Nikon has announced a new remote shooting system designed for professional sports and news shooters. Dubbed NX Field the app will allow multiple Nikon cameras to link together for remote shooting, with shutter releases controlled via the main camera. 

Although announced alongside the first Nikon Z Series macro lenses, the system is purely aimed at professional sports and news photographers. It will be released via Nikon Professional Services and will initially be compatible with the Nikon D6 and D5 pro-spec DSLRs, with support for some of the manufacturer’s mirrorless Z cameras, like the Z6 II, Z7 II and the eagerly anticipated Z9, planned in due course. 

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LAN cable or wireless LAN can be used to connect cameras (with Nikon's WT-5 or WT-6 wireless transmitter) and with the NX Field app shutter releases can be controlled via a smart device. This will also allow photographers to perform tasks such as changing camera settings, viewing and uploading photos and checking Live View. 

NX Field will boast 5G and Internet support and Nikon states: “It could, for example, enable the operation of cameras positioned in Tokyo from outside Japan.” The demands of sports and news photography requires increasingly speedy transfer from camera to remote editor and NX Field is designed to immediately and automatically upload images from both the main and remote cameras to an FTP server. 

Nikon states it will “continually update NX Field and support professional photographers active on the front line of news and sport reportage.” The system is set for release on June 17 and requires a paid firmware update. For more information visit the NPS website.

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