Lowepro on a mission to make sustainable camera bags with new green rating system

(Image credit: Lowepro)

Being more environmentally friendly is no longer a marketing gimmick but a serious aim for many photographic companies. We've seen Sony release its green objectives and found the most green website hosts, but what about when it comes to camera accessories – those items we buy frequently, and just as frequently replace?

titleLowepro commits to making sustainable camera bags with new green rating systembags to benefit from this new approach is the popular Lowepro ProTactic 350 AW II which will now show a green rating score. 

Lowepro makes some of the best camera backpacks, camera bags and cases so for such a big company to put an emphasis on sustainability is a big step in the right direction. The new process to make ProTactic bags uses recycled fabric, the material is dyed using a solution dying process and overall, around 80% less water is used while also significantly reducing the carbon footprint.

Starting with the ProTactic, Lowepro bags will now have a green line label sewn onto the back. The line represents a loading bar and reflects how much of the product is recycled including the fabrics, webbings, bindings, zippers, cords and meshes, plus the percentage of solution-dyed fabric used to make each bag. Will we also see the same be applied to its best roller bags for photographers?

LowePro Protactic

Lowepro ProTactic with a green rating of of 64% (Image credit: LowePro)

Solution dying is better for the planet because rather than dying the finished fabric in a separate step (which would require more water), it combines the extrusion and dyeing process and is also known as dope-dyeing. According to Fashion Hometex, dope dying can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 62% and increase water conservation by 89%.

For more than 50 years, Lowepro has been making revolutionary camera bags with the adventurist photographer in mind and now it's committed to creating more sustainable products it can be proud of. Across 2022 and 2023, Lowepro will slowly be moving to use sustainable materials on even more of its products, the ProTactic range is just the start. 

For those planet-conscious photographers looking for more sustainable options, this decision from Lowepro will no doubt come as a welcome change. With the climate issues we currently face, anything an individual or company can do to help minimize carbon emissions, water use and use of single-use plastic will ultimately help reduce the speed at which the world is heating up. 

It might be one small step, but lots of small steps turn into huge movement changes. If you're looking for more ways to be an eco-friendly photographer, check out these photo printing tips and career advice for being more green

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