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Irix is set to enter the GFX lens market in January 2021, and is teasing its first product

Irix GFX lens January 2021
(Image credit: Irix)

Independent lens maker Irix has so far specialised in full frame DSLR lens, notably ultra-wide primes and macro lenses for Canon EF, Nikon F and Pentax K lens mounts.

But the company is now teasing a new message: “Time for GFX” on the Irix Facebook page. All we know about it is from the teaser picture, which shows that it’s quite long and has a lens hood, which sounds like no information at all, but it does look too long to be an ultra-wide lens so if we are going to guess we think this might either be a 45mm f/1.4 and a variant of the existing Irix DSLR version, a new mid-length prime or maybe a macro lens.

This would not be the first mirrorless lens from Irix, however. The company also makes cine versions of its 11mm, 15mm, 45mm and 150mm primes, to fit Canon RF, Canon EF, Sony E, Nikon Z, Leica L, Olympus/Panasonic MFT and Arri PL-mounts.

Irix 11mm f/4 Blackstone

Irix currently makes full frame DSLR lenses like this excellent 11mm f/4, but in January it steps into the medium format market with a new GFX lens. (Image credit: Irix)

Fujifilm has done a good job of filling out its medium format GFX lens range, but although the Fujinon GF lenses are extremely good, they are also (mostly) extremely expensive, so the arrival of third party alternatives is sure to grab the attention of GFX fans.

The only other independent lens maker to produce lenses for the GFX mount is Venus Optics, with its rather remarkable Laowa 17mm f/4 GFX Zero-D lens.

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