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Huawei P50 Pro Plus could have FIVE rear cameras

(Image credit: HoilNDI)

We've seen some pretty interesting camera phone designs from Huawei, but it seems they might be about to take it one step further with a new upcoming handset. New rumors are suggesting that we're about to see a Huawei P50 Pro Plus that will feature five rear cameras, including a periscope camera!

This "penta-camera" design includes a triple camera unit, plus the aforementioned periscope camera and a smaller lens in one circle. These separate units are housed in two circles positioned within a traditional camera bump.

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These rumors come from leakster HoilNDI, who published the renders of the previously unseen Huawei P50 Pro Plus. However, GSMArena (which also reported on the story), has warned that these renders might not be 100% accurate. "Last month this same leakster was showing a very different layout for the P50 Pro Plus rear camera… Even if the renders are based on actual insider info, makers usually try out different prototypes before settling on a final design. And the P50 launch is still months away." 


(Image credit: HoilNDI)

The Huawei P50 series was originally rumored to be released in March, but with sanctions against Huawei continuing, it seems that the phone manufacturer has had to delay the P50 launch – and possibly even cut production targets. The latest rumors now point to the Huawei P50 camera phones being announced in May.

While it's wise to take these renders with a pinch of salt, they do show an interesting design that features a steeply-curved waterfall display. The camera bump protrudes slightly at the back – and the two separate camera circles within those protrude even more beyond that as well. 

It will definitely be interesting to see what kind of design the Huawei P50 family will feature when it's eventually launched.

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