Has Apple decided to freeze the launch price of the iPhone 14?

Leaked iPhone 14 renders
(Image credit: Jon Prosser/Front Page Tech)

Every year at around this time, Apple excites and delights its fans with the next installment of the iPhone series. In its early days, the iPhone offered the pinnacle of smartphone camera technology (now arguably matched by rivals Google and Samsung), and the latest iPhone release is almost here.

We’re expecting the new iPhone 14 family to launch next month, as per Apple’s usual announcement model. While we are certain we will see the new iPhone family launch then, how much the new flagship smartphones will cost is uncertain. Despite the price, will it be a match for the best camera phones on the market, and will be it follow in the footsteps of its predecessors, to be a good iPhone for photography?

Due to Apple facing increased costs through its whole supply chain, it has been thought that we would see a price bump of about $100 across the whole iPhone 14 series but now a new leak has surfaced that goes against the grain…

"Apple decided to freeze the launch price of the iPhone 14 base model"

lanzuk on Naver

According to the leaker, lanzuk, who posted on the forum pages of South Korea's number one search portal Naver (via PhoneArena): "Apple (has) decided to freeze the launch price of the iPhone 14 base model through a decision at the top executive level."

The source, who PhoneArena says claims 90% accuracy of information related to the iPhone, although unverified does have a pedigree in commenting on releases from the big manufacturers, which gives him a bit more credibility.

Price freeze reasoning 

The source says possible reasons for the iPhone 14 base model price freeze could be the global mobile phone market stagnation and demand decline, as well as price being the biggest factor for purchasing intent - sound reasoning indeed. 

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Indeed, it would be a smart move by Apple to swallow the increased production costs for the iPhone 14 base model to keep pricing in line with the iPhone 13 for several reasons including a gesture of goodwill to consumers during hard economic times and of course to generate as many sales as possible. If the South Korean insider turns out to be correct, the price of the vanilla iPhone 14 will be $799. 

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