The best iPhone 13 cases in 2024: keep your device protected and looking sharp

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Finding the best iPhone 13 case to suit your device and your needs is never an easy task, but fear not, as we've narrowed down the search for you to take away the effort and guesswork of scoping the internet for the perfect phone case. Whether you're after something stylish and sleek, or something a little more robust and shock-absorbent, we've got you covered - literally as we have had hands-on with all the options within this guide, so relax and leave it with us, we're on the case! 

The Apple iPhone 13 dates from 2021, but is still on sale - despite the availability of the newer, more expensive models such as the iPhone 15 Pro, or iPhone 14 Pro Max

If you're one of those people who use your phone A LOT you might also want to invest in one of the best iPhone power banks so you can charge on the move, a decent iPhone charger cable so you're not constantly replacing them.

But a case is a must-have, so let's discover the type of case you need to ensure that your Apple device remains scratch-free, functional - and in the best condition possible just in case you ever want to sell and upgrade…

Top Picks

Best cases for the iPhone 13 

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How do I choose a case?

It's simple, really. Do you like your smartphone to feel weighted, or light as a feather? Are you someone who values intricate designs, or prefers to keep things simple with a clear case? How do you feel about having your credit cards stored in your phone case? Kickstand: love them or hate them? 

We understand that the hunt for a reliable yet reasonably priced phone case can be a little daunting, but fear not. Once you know the answer to these questions, then finding the best iPhone 13 case to suit your lifestyle (and budget!) is a breeze. 

There are also plenty of magnetic smartphone accessories available to enhance your device, so be sure to grab a wallet or pop socket and personalize your new iPhone. Need a case with extra strong magnets? Check out our best magnetic phone cases guide instead.  

How we test

In all honesty, there's no real way to test a phone case thoroughly enough without actually putting our own phones in danger. So for this reason, we base our recommendations on things like comfort and grip, weight and bulkiness, case texture, plus any additional features such as integrated kickstands or tripod mounts. However, we look at hundreds of different cases from lots of different manufacturers in order to create the shortlist of recommendations you see on this page.

There are other things to consider such as a case's compatibility with MagSafe, and other wireless functions, as well as the manufacturer's reputation, and most of all - the product price range and value for money.

We weren't born yesterday, and we know that most manufacturers will exaggerate and upsell key features of phone cases knowing that you'll never test them. For example, some cases might be listed with 10ft drop protection, but we aren't about to find out for ourselves whether that's true. 

With this in mind, we tend to take things with a pinch of salt when it comes to testing phone cases, but vow to only recommend products to our readers that we would purchase ourselves, from brands that can be trusted. 

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