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Capture One 21 update brings improved image importing and new Style Brushes

Capture One 21
(Image credit: Capture One)

Capture One 21 is a direct rival to Adobe Lightroom and aimed squarely at busy, quality conscious professionals. This latest update should make image importing more selective and efficient, and adds quick Style Brush adjustments for faster editing.

If you’re already a Capture One 21 user, this is a free update and one that’s definitely worth installing. You should get a notification within the application.

The new Capture One 21 Import Viewer

You don’t always want to import every image off a memory card or from a folder on your computer, but previously you would need to import them all before you could zoom in and look at them properly, so it was somewhat inefficient to do your image culling after you had imported them all.

The new Import Viewer has been designed to allow effective image culling as part of the import process. You can now double-click an image in the Import panel to inspect it properly and there are shortcut keys for moving through your images picking or unpicking them as you go through. Capture One says the Import View is very fast, using the embedded JPEG previews in raw files.

Capture One 21 Style Brushes

This is a new tool in Capture One which is not unlike the Adjustment Brush in Lightroom. The new tool includes 26 built in Style Brushes for popular adjustments, such as brightness and saturation to more complex options like the ‘Deep Sky’ brush.

Choosing a Style Brush activates Capture One’s Draw Mask tool so that you can immediately start brushing the adjustment on to your image. The adjustment is saved as a regular adjustment layer and mask in Capture One, but is much faster to use than the traditional method of creating the layer first and then brushing in a mask.

Other improvements in Capture One 21

The Capture One 21 14.1.0 update also adds almost 30 new ProStandard profiles for popular professional cameras, for a more natural and accurate color rendition with these cameras, and Leica Live-View shooters get support for panning and zooming with Leica SL cameras and the medium format S3.

There’s new camera raw file support too for the following camera models: Fujifilm GFX 100S , Fujifilm X-E4 , Sony A1 (not yet with lossless compressed raw support), Canon SX70 HS, Panasonic DC-GX800, Panasonic DC-GX850, Panasonic DC-GX880, Panasonic DC-GF10, Panasonic DC-GF90, Panasonic DC-GF9.

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