50 FREE photo walks are being held across the US by Fujifilm and Luminar

Skylum Luinar Neo x Fujifilm
(Image credit: Skylum)

Fujifilm and Luminar will host close to 50 free photo walk events across the United States, in a project aimed at inspiring exploration. The best Fujifilm cameras are the perfect companions for walking your local surroundings and capturing travel, street, and documentary photographs in a truly unique way. 

That said, you don't need to shoot with a Fujifilm camera to attend, as the Luminar Neo x Fujifilm Photo Walks are inclusive to everyone with a passion for exploring, taking photographs, and editing.   

So what is Luminar Neo? It's an AI-powered image-editing software created by Skylum that enhances your photos with generative AI technology. Neo offers all the typical RAW image editing features of the best editing software, but where it stands out from the crowd is its AI-assisting capabilities. 

From enhancing exposure and color, relighting portraits, or retouching skin, Neo can transform images at the click of a button. It is easy to overdo AI editing, as I am sure we all are aware, so further refinement is advised with the addition of effect sliders.

Photo walks are a fantastic way to see the world around you in a fresh new way – and when doing so as part of a group, new approaches and perspectives often present themselves. We can sometimes get fed up with the locations we walk by every day, and start to take them for granted, but a purposeful photo walk can often reinvigorate the world around us and provide new inspiration.

Despite the misconception, photography does not have to be a solo endeavor. Exploring, learning, and connecting with others who share your passion can enhance your experience and improve your ability. Sharing with other photographers has had a huge impact on both my ability and my enjoyment of the medium, and I recommend it to everyone who has yet to explore it. 

Skylum states that these photo walks can be seen as "mini-adventures that bring people together," and a "celebration of photography and the incredible community." The photo walks will also provide the opportunity to meet some of the people behind Luminar Neo and Fujifilm kit in person, ask questions, and get creative insights and tips from industry professionals on shooting and editing.

The events are scheduled to take place all over the United States and are completely free to attend, although they do require booking a place – check out the full list of photo walks here. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a budding enthusiast, it is often easy to forget that no one knows your corner of the world better than you – so shoot it in a way only you can.

If you are inspired to set out on a photo walk of your own, you may be interested in our guides to the best camera for street photography, the best lenses for street photography, and the best travel camera

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Kalum Carter
Staff Writer

Kalum Carter is a UK-based photographer, photo editor, and writer based in the UK, and for almost a decade he has worked with brands and publications to create, edit, and sequence imagery. Having recently graduated with a Master's Degree in Photography from the University of the West of England (UWE), Kalum joined Digital Camera World as a Staff Writer, covering news, reviews, and his biggest passion - photography books! 

Kalum's photography has been published and exhibited around the world, and he continues to photograph on a project-by-project basis. He is currently working on a personal project capturing the people and landscape of Gower, South Wales. Currently untitled, this body of work will be exhibited for the National Trust later this year.