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Apple student discount: what is it, and how do you get it?

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Want an Apple Student discount? Well, who wouldn't! In this article, we explain exactly how you can take advantage of money-saving offers from Apple connected with education.

Firstly, though, understand that there's no single discount applied across the board for all Apple products. Instead, Apple applies a discount on certain products on a case-by-case basis. (Also note that Apple itself never uses the words 'Apple Student Discount', preferring the term 'Apple Education Pricing'.)

You'll get around 10 per cent off many of Apple's top-range products, and up to 50 per cent on some special deals. We'll give you full details of all the best deals further down this article. That doesn't guarantee you're getting the lowest price on Apple products, of course: you may sometimes find a cheaper deal with a third party. But most of the time, Apple Educational Pricing will be your best bet for a bargain.

Before we get to that, though, you need to establish if you're actually eligible for an Apple Student discount. Sadly, if you're under 16, you're not. 

On the good news front, though, you don't even necessarily need to be a student to get a discount! There are three categories of people who can get an Apple Student discount, which we list below.

1. A further or higher education student

You can get an Apple student discount if you're 16 or older and enrolled in a further or higher education institution, such as university or college. You just need to show Apple your student ID to prove it. If you haven't started your course yet and don't yet have ID, you can provide your acceptance letter as proof instead. 

2. The parent of a further or higher education student

Apple recognises that even with a discount, students may not be able to afford their products. And so they allow parents who are buying Apple products for their offspring the chance to benefit from the Apple student discount too. 

That means that if you're a parent or guardian of a student in further or higher education (as described in category 1 above) and are buying an Apple device for them to use, you qualify for the discount too. 

3. A teacher or education worker

If you're a teacher, lecturer or anyone else working in education, you can also get an Apple student discount. That includes non-teaching jobs, such as those in administration, executives of a PTA (parent-teacher association), as well as homeschool teachers. You'll just need to give Apple some documentation that shows where you work.

How to get your Apple student discount

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As long as you're eligible (see above), you can get your Apple student discount by visiting the Apple Store for Education and then verifying your credentials. However, the website you need to visit and the process you need to follow varies depending where you are in the world.

In the USA, visit the US Apple Store for Education, and follow the steps to choose your items. It's basically like buying from Apple normally, only cheaper. While Apple says you need proof of eligibility, in practice they don't seem to often check at this stage. If they're suspicious, they may email for verification later, but that's about it.

In the UK, Apple seem more fearful of people cheating the system, and the application process is a bit more involved. First visit the UK Apple Store for Education and you'll be asked to sign up online via the student discount website Unidays. This in itself is free. You'll need to provide the name of your college and details about your course, or similar information if you're a parent, teacher, lecturer or education worker. They'll then send you a verification email to make sure your address is genuine.

If you don't want to fill in any forms, though, there are three alternatives: call Apple on 0800 048 0408, use the web chat facility, or visit an Apple Store in person.

What can you get with an Apple student discount?

You can get an Apple student discount on a range of products. These include the MacBook Air 13in and MacBook Pro laptops, the top-of-the-range iPad Pro and the small but perfectly formed Mac Mini. There are also special deals on Apple Music and Apple TV, and a great bundle offer on video and audio editing apps. You'll find the full range of discounted products on the Apple Store for Education website.

Below, we've picked out some of the best offers available right now. We'll start with the best bargains for the US, but if you're on the other side of the Atlantic, then skip ahead to the best deals for the UK

Apple student discount deals: US

Save $100 on a MacBook Air M1

Save $100 on a MacBook Air M1 $999 $899  
The MacBook Air 13-inch Air M1 is Apple’s thinnest and lightest notebook, perfect for carrying around campus. With Apple's latest M1 chip, it's super-fast and battery life is an impressive 15 hours for wireless internet use.

Save $100 on a MacBook Pro

Save $100 on a MacBook Pro $1299 $1199
With Apple's M1 chip and an 8-core GPU, the MacBook Pro is a seriously powerful laptop that can handle even the most resource-intensive tasks, such as video and image editing, without breaking a sweat.

Save $50 on the iPad Air

Save $50 on the iPad Air $599 $549
If you want more power than an entry-level iPad, but at an affordable price, the iPad Air is the best choice for you. You get a lovely large screen, enough power to run apps with ease, and $50 off with Apple Educational Pricing.

Save $50 on the iPad Pro

Save $50 on the iPad Pro $799 $749
The iPad Pro M1 is, quite simply, the best tablet you can buy today, bar none. The HDR Mini-LED screen is astounding, the powerful M1 processor makes everything run quickly and smoothly, and everything else is top-tier too.

Save $50 on a Mac Mini M1:

Save $50 on a Mac Mini M1: $699 $649
The new Mac Mini M1 performs superbly, runs almost silently and exudes quality whatever you use it for. Its compact size makes it perfect for any student seeking a powerful Mac that doesn't take up too much space.

Get 50 per cent off Apple Music and free Apple TV+

Get 50 per cent off Apple Music and free Apple TV+
Having the best tunes at hand is vital for long study sessions. Students can get Apple Music for just $4.99 a month rather than the normal $9.99. And you'll get three free months of Apple TV + thrown in for free.

Get Final Cut Pro + 4 more pro video and audio editing apps for just $199

Get Final Cut Pro + 4 more pro video and audio editing apps for just $199
This amazing value bundle is perfect for any filmmaking student. It includes industry standard video editing tool Final Cut Pro (itself normally $299), along with Logic Pro, Motion, Compressor and MainStage.

Apple student discount deals: UK

Save 10% on MacBooks

Save 10% on MacBooks
The M1 MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are powerful laptops that run quickly, efficiently and have great battery life. So they're perfect for students, and with 10 per cent off the range, you'll be saving some serious cash.

Save 10% on iPads

Save 10% on iPads
Students can save up to 10% on on a brand new iPad; ideal for carrying around campus, and sophisticated enough to get some serious work done. Education discounts cover the iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad and iPad mini.

Save on a range of desktop Macs

Save on a range of desktop Macs
Need a serious desktop computer for your studies? Whether you're looking at an iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Pro or Mac Mini, you'll be able to get a decent discount as a student with Apple's special education pricing.

Get 50% off Apple Music + 3 months' free Apple TV

Get 50% off Apple Music + 3 months' free Apple TV
Get inspired during study sessions with the best tunes from Apple Music. You'll get the first three months free, along with free Apple TV, then after that a subscription cots just £4.99 a month instead of the usual £9.99.

Get Final Cut Pro & get 4 more pro video and audio editing apps for just £215.98

Get Final Cut Pro & get 4 more pro video and audio editing apps for just £215.98
Studying film-making? Then here's a great-value bundle you can't ignore. It gets you the industry standard video editing tool Final Cut Pro (normally £299), along with Logic Pro, Motion, Compressor and MainStage.

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