The best iPad for students 2024: Apple tablets for school, college or university

iPad 10th Generation
(Image credit: Apple)

A tablet computer might seem like a luxury - after all, some people think they are just for watching movies on - but for a student they can make a lot of sense. 

The current crop of iPads is powerful enough to replace a laptop, especially thanks to the improvements to iPadOS coming with version 17. You can use them for drawing and painting thanks to the Apple Pencil. Attach a Bluetooth mouse and iPad keyboard - or get one of the best iPad docks - and you have an office machine for bashing out essays and reports. You can run image editing, vector art and even page layout apps on them. They’re capable games machines for downtime, video calling works brilliantly on them thanks to the larger screen and excellent cameras, you can use them as a book or magazine, and yes, you can watch videos on them.

Ian Evenden
Freelance tech journalist

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