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Valentine's Day gifts for photographers: Get your loved one something special

Valentine's Day gifts for photographers: Get your loved one something special
(Image credit: Leica / Digital Camera World)

Impress and delight your partner with items selected from our Valentine's Day gifts for photographers buying guide. Choose from romantic street photography books, tasteful camera jewelry and more in this romantic gift guide. 

January has drawn to a close and the season of lurrrve is upon us. But while Valentine's Day should simply be a day devoted to the love you share with your partner, it can often be complicated by the quandary of what gift you should choose to show your partner that they're still the apple of your eye. Sure, you can pick up a bog-standard box of chocolates, or the last sad dregs from the supermarket flower stand. Or maybe you could take inspiration from your kid's primary school art class and hand-make them a card. 

Alternatively, if your partner is a keen snapper, why not make this their best Valentine's Day yet. Choose from our fantastic Valentine's Day gifts for photographers guide for guaranteed happiness.

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Best Valentine's Day gifts for photographers

• Pandora camera charm: The perfect little trinket for a necklace or bracelet
• Photo jigsaw puzzle: Spend a quiet evening in with a photo puzzle
• Romantic photo book: Document your favorite memories with your partner
• Personalized camera strap: A practical gift for your photographer partner
• Leica-styled tin and chocolate cameras: This sweet treat is the perfect V-day gift
• Tickets for a photography event: Enjoy your partner's hobby together
• Robert Doisneau by Taschen: A street photography book with Doisneau's shots
• Instant camera: Capture your life together with your partner

(Image credit: Taschen)

01. Robert Doisneau by Taschen

We "neau" your partner will love this photography book

Affordable price
Beautiful street photography

What could be more romantic than a passionate embrace in the street? Robert Doisneau's impeccably timed street photography is perfectly summed up by the cover image on this book from Taschen Publishing. Flip through the pages with your partner to discover more of Doisneau's evocative images.

You can purchase this photography book from Amazon US and Amazon UK.  

(Image credit: Pandora)

02. Pandora Camera Charm

Charm the loved one in your life with this elegant trinket

Sterling silver
Black Cubic Zirconia

It can be tough to consistently follow the traditional advice of keeping a camera on you at all times, but this Pandora camera charm will make it a lot easier! This small charm is the perfect subtle gift for a partner who loves photography. 

You can pick up this beautiful little charm on Amazon US and Amazon UK. If you think this is the perfect gift, but your partner doesn't already have a necklace or bracelet, we particularly like this charm bracelet that's also available on Amazon US and Amazon UK.

(Image credit: CEWE Photoworld)

03. Photo Jigsaw Puzzle

Don't puzzle over your Valentine's Day gift any longer…

Hours of fun
From a quality company

What activity could you possibly enjoy more on the romantic evening of Valentine's Day than a few hours poring over a good puzzle? This beauty is from CEWE Photoworld, who do a wide range of jigsaws from 500 pieces to 1500 pieces. Whether you want to write a romantic message, or simply use a meaningful photo to celebrate your love, a photo jigsaw might just be the perfect Valentine's Day gift.

If you're outside the UK, you can also purchase a photo jigsaw puzzle from Shutterfly.

(Image credit: Mixbook)

04. Romantic photo book

Drawing a blank page? Why not get a photo book

Completely customizable
Affordable option

One of the best parts of being a couple is the wonderful adventures that you share together. Whether you've been together for one year or thirty, why not celebrate your shared time together with a photo book filled to the brim with sentimental images.

One of the best photo books providers is Mixbook, which regularly offers fantastic deals and discounts on its products. We particularly love their range of romantic photo books, but you can also choose from plainer designs as well if you wish.

(Image credit: Pegai)

05. Personalized camera strap

The perfect gift for a strapping young photographer

Practical gift
Made from top grade cowhide

If sterling silver camera charms or 500 piece jigsaw puzzles aren't quite your thing, why not go down more of a traditional photography-focused route. This personalized leather camera strap is perfect for the photographer who has everything. Made of top-grade cowhide, you can customize the strap with your loved one's name.

You can purchase this beautiful camera strap from Etsy seller Pegai

(Image credit: CathrynCariad)

06. Leica-styled tin + chocolate cameras

Your partner said they wanted a Leica right? This is close enough!

Comes with TWO chocolate cameras
Tin replicates Leica M3

If you love your partner, but not quite enough to drop your cash on an actual Leica camera, why not get the next best thing? This stylish tin is modeled after the Leica M3 and contains two chocolate cameras with pretty silver sugar ball styling on the lens mount. 

You can purchase this tasty morsel from CathrynCariad on Etsy. If you're outside of the UK, why not consider this alternative from VanOtisChocolates on Etsy.

(Image credit: Future)

07. Visit The Photography Show 2020

'Show' your appreciation with a camera-focused event

Have a fun day out together
Learn more about photography

There's nothing better than sharing a hobby and a passion with your partner. Even if photography isn't quite your thing, why not show an interest in it and book two tickets to a photography show or event. The Photography Show 2020 is our favorite upcoming event (and not just because we're the ones running it!), but there are also plenty of other photography events coming up on the calendar. 

(Image credit: Fujifilm)

08. Instant camera

Get instant respect from your partner with this gift choice

Capture shared memories
Fun no matter your technical level

No matter whether it's a wedding, gig or birthday dinner, an instant camera is the perfect vehicle to capture fun prints that you'll treasure forever. Plus, it's a camera that can be used by anyone, no matter their photographic ability.

One of our favorites is the Fujifilm instax Mini 9, which comes in a wide range of snazzy colors. Check out the best prices for your region above. If you've already got an instax, why not pick up some fun confetti-styled instax film instead?

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