Geotag photos: how to embed location data in Photoshop Elements 12

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    Discover how Photoshop Elements 12 allows you to geotag photos and organise your images according to where they were captured and view them on a map.

    Geotag photos: how to embed location data in Photoshop Elements 12

    After travelling abroad it used to be traditional practice to print your holiday snaps and store them in an album. Indeed, you can create holiday albums in the Photoshop Elements Organizer with ease, and browse through them at your leisure.

    The Organizer’s Places panel provides you with a fun alternative way to see your pictures according to where they were shot.

    When you shoot a snap on your smart phone, the software records the location of the shot using GPS (the satellite-based global positioning system). Thanks to the Adobe Revel service, you can sync your mobile phone shots to a cloud service and then automatically import them into the Organizer.

    Photoshop Elements can then read the map coordinates in each mobile-sourced photo’s metadata and display its location in the Places panel. You can see a map, see a flagged location and click to see any photos shot there. This is a useful new function in Photoshop Elements 12, especially if many of your shots are captured via a phone.

    If your camera doesn’t automatically geotag photos you can still enjoy using the map-based Places panel to organise them. We’ll demonstrate how you can manually add location data to a photo by dragging them to the appropriate location.

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    How to geotag photos in Photoshop Elements 12

    How to geotag photos in Photoshop Elements 12: step 1

    1 Import images
    Go to File>Get Photos>From Files and Folders. Browse to your intended images. Click Get Media. The files will appear in the Organizer. Click the Places panel, then click the Map icon at the bottom right. You’ll see a collection of little red flags. Zoom in to any cluster.


    How to geotag photos in Photoshop Elements 12: step 2

    2 View by location
    Click a flag to turn it blue. Any photos captured at that location will be highlighted with a blue border. Click the arrow by the flag’s Show Media label and only the relevant shots will be visible in the Places panel. This is a great way to discover what was shot where.


    How to geotag photos in Photoshop Elements 12: step 3

    3 View by image
    Click a thumbnail, then click the Info icon. Toggle open the Metadata tab. You’ll see properties such as the shutter speed and aperture used to capture the image. Tick the Complete icon to the right of the metadata label, and scroll down to see the GPS data attached to the photo.


    How to geotag photos in Photoshop Elements 12: step 4

    4 Geo-tag photos manually
    Click back to the Media tab, then click one of your images. Click the Add Places icon. We typed Sandhaven into the search field and choose the Aberdeenshire option, which is where our picture was taken. Drag the crosshairs to fine-tune the location of the shot. Click the tick to geo-tag it.


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