How to copy adjustments across images in Capture One software

How to copy adjustments across images in Capture One software

In this guest post, Rod Lawton of Life After Photoshop, the blog dedicated to testing and explaining all the Photoshop alternatives out there, shows how photographers can copy adjustments across images using Capture One photo editing software.

How to copy adjustments across images in Capture One software

Capture One, Aperture and Lightroom combine image cataloguing, browsing and non-destructive editing in a way that makes it possible to enhance whole batches of images both quickly and consistently.

In particular, they let you choose the perfect set of adjustments for a single representative image in the batch, then copy them across wholesale to all the rest – or as many of them as you want, because you can apply changes to images individually to with just a single mouseclick.

This walkthrough shows you how to do it in Capture One. At the same time, it shows how simple it is to apply white balance adjustments in situations where the manual presets just don’t work that well.

This is very common indoors under artificial lighting, where you’re often dealing with light sources of unknown colour, often in combination, with the added complication of a little ambient daylight mixed in too.

Here’s a typical case. It’s a collection of pictures taken inside Wells Cathedral in the UK, where the predominantly artificial light has given them most of them a  yellow/orange cast – I shot them all using auto white balance, knowing I’d have to fix them later anyway.

Using Capture One Pro to correct white balance

Now I could try to apply an auto white balance adjustment to each image individually, but then they wouldn’t look consistent. I wanted to find a single adjustment I could apply to all of them which was close to neutral overall, but still allowed for the slight natural variation between them.

Click here to see how Rod gave all his images a uniform look!


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