Adobe Photoshop Touch: how to use Photoshop for phone and tablets

Adobe Photoshop Touch: how to use Photoshop for phone and tablets

One of the most exciting launches Adobe has announced in the past year was Photoshop Touch, the app that brings some of the best features of Photoshop for phone and tablet users.

Adobe Photoshop Touch: how to use Photoshop for phone and tablets

Tablets have huge potential for photographers. They are a great way of showing off your work to friends and prospective clients without having to carry a large portfolio case or computer, and there are some great apps that can make your life easier, by adding GPS tags to images, calculating hyperfocal distances, or even enabling a camera to be controlled remotely.

Adobe has produced some superb mobile apps such as Photoshop Express for making quick, simple changes to images captured by the on-board camera, and Adobe Nav, which turns your tablet into a tool box to save screen space when you’re working on your desktop computer.

Photoshop Touch goes quite a bit further than Photoshop Express, giving you a pretty comprehensive set of tools and features (including layers) to edit images.

It’s available for the iPad from the App Store, and for Android tablets via Google Play, and it costs £6.99 for tablets and £2.99 for phones.

Few are likely to switch to using Photoshop Touch instead of Photoshop CC, but it’s a great platform for thinking through ideas and experimenting with images. You can treat it like a photographer’s sketchpad.

However, if you want to edit images when you’re out and about, there’s an impressive collection of powerful tools that give some great results, and you can sync your images and projects with your Creative Cloud account to carry on working on your computer when you get home, or share the results on Facebook.

Google images in Photoshop Touch

Google images
The image search feature within Photoshop Touch is worth exploring. Just type a keyword into the box, and if you want, narrow the search using the drop-down list in the next field. You can specify a colour to search for by tapping the paint palette, or limit the search to images that are free to use.

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PAGE 2: Making adjustments with Photoshop Touch
PAGE 3: Making selections with Photoshop Touch
PAGE 4: Using Layers in Photoshop Touch
PAGE 5: Getting to know the Photoshop Touch interface


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