6 no-nonsense camera tricks you can use with any camera

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Are you worried about the camera you use not being up to scratch? With life cycles now of sometimes less than a year, the pressure to upgrade is always there.

We’re here to tell you not to worry. In their latest guest post our friends at the photo management blog Photoventure explain the six essential camera tricks that you can use to improve your photography whatever camera you use.

6 no-nonsense camera tricks you can use with any camera

Use a lens hood

You see lots of people walking round without a lens hood on their camera lens, or even worse, with it fitted the wrong way round, but it’s a really useful little bit of kit.

For a start a lens hood protects the end element of your lens from the odd knock and it helps keep rain or drizzle off the glass.

Most importantly, however, it acts as a shield against stray light preventing flare that lowers contrast and puts hot-spots in your images.

It’s especially important to use a lens hood if the sun is in front of you.

PAGE 1: Use a lens hod
PAGE 2: Set the AF point
PAGE 3: Use the AE Lock
PAGE 4: Magnify the view when focusing manually
PAGE 5: Use the self-timer
PAGE 6: Activate the histogram view


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