Photoshop CC: the 10 most important features in Adobe’s new software

Photoshop CC Key Features: 8. Camera Raw filter

Photoshop CC Key Features: 10. Conditional Actions

Photoshop CC Key Features: 10. Conditional Actions

Advanced Photoshop users have long used the Actions panel to create sequences of tasks that can be performed with a single keystroke.

Now, Photoshop introduces Conditional Actions, which greatly extend the scope by building in user-defined variables.

It works on an If/Then/Else pattern: if the specified conditions hold true, then perform this Action, otherwise perform this different Action.

The conditions are chosen from a preset list, and include whether a document is square or landscape, its colour mode and bit depth, whether there’s an active selection, whether it has layers, whether the current layer is a background or a regular layer, and so on.

The system means you can now write Actions that apply to a range of different file types, and have Photoshop automatically sort out which Action is appropriate to which type of file.

So if, say, you want to convert all landscape files in a folder to one image size and all portrait files to another, it’s easy to automate the procedure so it can be run as a batch process.

Subscription info

Membership of Creative Cloud costs £46.88 a month, which gives you access to full versions of all Adobe’s apps – and it’s this figure which has produced such a furore in the Adobe community.

This gets you several thousand pounds’ worth of software – and if you already own the full CS3 suite or later, it costs just £27.34 a month.

If you only want Photoshop, you can choose the Single App option for £17.58 a month. And if you already own Photoshop CS3 or later, that amount drops to just £8.78 a month.

You don’t have to be permanently online to use it – Photoshop will sit on your desktop just like any other app. But it will phone home occasionally to check your subscription is active.

We reckon under nine quid a month is something of a bargain for regular updates to the world’s best image enhancer.

Photoshop CC Key Features: 1. Shake Reduction
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Photoshop CC Key Features: 8. Camera Raw filter
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Photoshop CC Key Features: 10. Conditional Actions


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