7 key changes in the Photoshop CS6 interface

Photoshop CS6: 7 things to know about the new interface

Photoshop CS6: new interface explained

Perhaps the most celebrated change in Photoshop CS6 is its new interface. Straightaway you’ll notice a new darker look to Photoshop, but the changes to CS6’s interface go much deeper than a mere colour change.

Below we’ve rounded up seven of the most important changes you should know about the new Photoshop CS6 interface.

01 Screen layout button
Previously a button on the Options Bar, Screen Layout has been moved to the bottom of the main Tools Panel. Here the idea was to save screen real estate in the Options Bar, which makes sense.

02 Dark interface
The new default Photoshop is dark, like Lightroom and some other Adobe applications. The intention is to focus more attention on the image itself, and it’s part of a general clean-up of the interface. If you don’t like it, you can override it.

03 Crop tool
This has received a major overhaul, and is now similar to Lightroom’s. When you rotate it, the image rotates, not the crop rectangle, and you can use guides such as the Rule of Thirds.

04 Layer filter
When you have a complex multi-layer document, the new Layer Filter helps you examine the Layer stack. You can see all layers with a certain effect, search by name and filter the stack down to Adjustment Layers or other types.

05 Workspaces & documents
The workspace switcher is now a drop-down including a handy What’s New workspace. Also, it can no longer be dragged out across the Options area. Its previous neighbour, Document Layout, is now found under the Window>Arrange menu.

06 Properties Panel
The separate Adjustments and Masks Panels have been merged into a single Properties Panel. Double-click the adjustment icon or the mask thumbnail in the Layers Panel to activate the panel.

07 Layer Blend If indicator
When you were trying to work out why a composite wasn’t working, one frustration was having to reopen the Layer Properties Dialog to check if you had set the conditional Blend If sliders. An icon now appears directly on the layer.


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