Photoshop: how to use free photo frames

Photoshop tutorial: how to use free photo frames

Photoshop how to use free frames

So did you download free photo frames and borders but are confused how to actually get your images to appear inside them? Perhaps you even downloaded our 50 free photo frames.

If so, this quick Photoshop tutorial will show you how to add a frame to your pictures in Photoshop. It’s actually dead easy.

First, open up one of the borders in Photoshop or Elements and the photo you want to add it to. (All the borders we’ve supplied are in a portrait format – to make them landscape format, use Image > Rotate Canvas.)

How to use free photo frames in Photoshop

Photoshop how to use free frames 01

Step 1: Copy the image
With the Move tool selected, hold down Shift and click on the photo, then drag the image onto the border. (Holding down Shift as you drag the picture across centres the image in the frame.)

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Photoshop how to use free frames 02

Step 2: Change the blend mode
In the Layers palette, click on the picture layer then change the blending mode in the drop-down box at the top to ‘Darken’, to reveal the dark border. If the border is a white one, use ‘Screen’ blending mode instead.

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Photoshop how to use free frames 03

Step 3: Resize the photo
With the image layer still selected, click on the main image and select Edit > Free Transform. Resize your image to fit by dragging the corners – holding down Shift as you move the corner points to maintain the proportions.

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