Nikon AF-S DX 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5 G ED Lens Review

Nikon’s ultra-wide angle lens is put through it’s paces

Compared with Nikon’s older 12-24mm lens, this lens has an extended zoom range at the ultra-wide end. It lacks its sibling’s constant aperture capability, instead delivering a fairly fast f/3.5 at the 10mm end, dropping off to f/4.5 at 24mm.

It’s almost exactly the same size as the Canon 10-22mm, but a little heavier, and build quality is of a similarly high standard. Another similarity is Nikon’s Silent Wave autofocus system, which enables fast, accurate and near-silent autofocus performance. We’re impressed.

The Nikon 10-24mm is about £90 more expensive than the Canon 10-22mm lens but, considering it comes complete with dedicated lens hood and carrying pouch, there’s not a massive difference in total cost. With natural handling that’s consistent with most other current Nikon lenses, this 10-24mm is a no-brainer for Nikon SLR users with deep pockets.

Based around three aspherical lens elements, the Nikon’s mighty 11.1x zoom range comes with little distortion at any focal length, although pincushion distortion is noticeable at the 24mm end. The inclusion of two Extra-low Dispersion (ED) elements helps to make colour fringing almost nonexistent, even when using Nikon D-SLR bodies that don’t feature built-in automatic chromatic-aberration correction.