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Joby Beamo produces pocket-sized pro lighting for shooting on the go

Joby Beamo produces pocket-sized pro lighting for shooting on the go
(Image credit: Joby)

Looking for ultra small yet ultra powerful lights? Meet the Joby Beamo and Joby Beamo Mini – a pair of new products that promise professional lighting that fits in your pocket. 

While their ultra-compact size makes them perfect for content creation, our experience with a certain similar rival product attests that Joby Beamo will also provide useful all-purpose lighting for stills as well. 

Yes, the Beamo and Beamo Mini are quite similar to Lume Cube 2.0 and Lumecube Air. There are a few key differences, though, namely that the full-size Beamo offers wireless charging capability and the Mini is actually brighter than the Air – and not only are both products more affordable than their Lume Cube counterparts, they're designed to pair with Joby products like the GorillaPod and Wavo mic.

Let's start with the Beamo, which is positively pocket-sized at 47 x 51 x 51 mm and 134g. It boasts 1,500 Lumen output, for 750 Lux at 1m, with a 95+/- color rendition index (all the same as the Lume Cube). It's waterproof to 30ft / 100m, lasts up to 40 minutes at 100% power or 100 minutes at 50%, and can charge either wirelessly or via USB-C. 

The Beamo Mini is a tad tinier, at 39 x 51 x 51, and is magnetic, making it absolutely perfect for travel, so you can always stick a light somewhere even if you haven't brought a stand. As noted, it delivers more light than the Lume Cube Air (they're both 1,000 Lumens, but the Mini achieves 470 Lux at 1m compared to the Air's 400) and features the same waterproofing as its big brother.

Both products have been optimized to work with Joby's GorillaPod, creating a seamless system for content creators whether they're shooting with GoPros, smartphones, DSLRs or mirrorless cameras. Both products feature dual cold shoes, so you can even assemble a "Beamo Wall" to create an a LED panel with quadruple the output. 

Both models start shipping this week, with the Joby Beamo retailing for $89.95 / £79.95 and the Joby Beamo Mini for £69.95 / £59.95 (Australian pricing and release info to follow).

Pre-order Joby Beamo / Mini from Amazon US

Pre-order Joby Beamo / Mini from Amazon UK

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