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Boost your mental wellbeing with The Photography Show

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If this past year has taught us anything, it's that our mental health and wellbeing are vitally important. This year, the virtual Spring Shoots event from The Photography Show will have a range of talks and demos that are designed to boost your wellbeing – even during this difficult time.

The Spring Shoots virtual event will be taking place on the 6 & 7 of March 2021. However, not only can you tune in on those two days, but you can even access the content for 30 days afterwards. 

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When it comes to wellbeing, the trick is knowing what to do when we need to combat certain bumps in the road. It can be difficult being creative if your state of mind isn't in the right place. This is why you might find Jess McGovern's talk beneficial, as she'll be discussing techniques you can use to protect your mental health and well being. 

Another important issue that many creatives can face at times is finding purpose. Having and understanding your purpose can be of great help in focusing on what you're trying to do. Matt Porteous will be discussing how he uses photography as a tool for positive change, as opposed to it just being a career. 

Meanwhile, isolation has been a common issue across the world this year. Magnum photographer Nanna Heitmann will discussing some of her bodies of work, including her work in Russia that deals with spiritual, social and physical isolation. 

As creatives, it's extremely important to look after our mental health and well being. This is not only to benefit our personal lives, but it also helps in a professional and creative setting too. 

The Spring Shoots virtual event from The Photography Show will be offering a huge range of talks and demos, covering a wide range of subjects. You can register for the Spring Shoots event for free, giving you the opportunity to access hours of inspirational content.

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