Kodak Ektar H35 review

The Kodak Ektar H35 doubles the shot-count of a film roll, but its lo-fi results are far from tack-sharp.

Photograph of Kodak Ektar H35
(Image: © Jon Stapley/Future)

Digital Camera World Verdict

By cutting a frame of film in half, the Kodak Ektar H35 doubles the shot count of any given roll. This is great for thrifty analogue shooters – but this philosophy of cheapness above all is applied across the camera's design, and some aspects feel a little less robust than we'd like. If you want disposable-style fun and plenty of it, and can live with a lot of shots falling far short of sharp, this is a fun point-and-shoot that's easy to take everywhere.


  • +

    Gets more value from film

  • +

    Slim and pocketable

  • +

    Charming lo-fi aesthetic

  • +

    Simple to use


  • -

    Flash easy to leave on

  • -

    Flash on ours stopped working!

  • -

    Images can look very muddy

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The days of cheap, easy film photography are gone, and are probably not coming back. Picking up a roll of Kodak ColorPlus used to mean fishing in a bargain bin and paying with spare change – now it means signing up to a waiting list and getting out the credit card. With development costs rising too, and vintage film cameras fetching eye-watering prices on eBay, there’s a real niche opening up for anyone with a way to cut the cost of shooting film. Enter the Kodak Ektar H35.

This point-and-shoot film camera has two things going for it in the war on costs. First, it’s a new film camera, and can be bought off store shelves for around £50/$50. Second, it’s a half-frame camera. You load it up with 35mm film as normal, but it divides each frame into two separate exposures. Whereas a standard SLR or point-and-shoot gives you 36 shots measuring 24x36mm from a single roll of film, the Ektar H35 gives you 72 images measuring 24x18mm. At a stroke, you’ve doubled your shot capacity.

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Jon Stapley

Jon spent years at IPC Media writing features, news, reviews and other photography content for publications such as Amateur Photographer and What Digital Camera in both print and digital form. With his additional experience for outlets like Photomonitor, this makes Jon one of our go-to specialists when it comes to all aspects of photography, from cameras and action cameras to lenses and memory cards, flash diffusers and triggers, batteries and memory cards, selfie sticks and gimbals, and much more besides.  

An NCTJ-qualified journalist, he has also contributed to Shortlist, The Skinny, ThreeWeeks Edinburgh, The Guardian, Trusted Reviews, CreativeBLOQ, and probably quite a few others I’ve forgotten.