Ilford HP5 Plus B&W Single Use Camera: buy it, use it, mail it

The Harman Ilford HP5 Plus B&W Single Use Camera comes preloaded with a black & white roll of 35mm film and a battery, so you’re good to go

Harman Ilford HP5 Plus B&W Single Use Camera
(Image: © Matthew Richards)

Digital Camera World Verdict

The Harman Ilford HP5 Plus B&W Single Use Camera is small enough to fit in my coat pocket and weighs next to nothing. It’s cheap to buy, which is just as well, as you can only use it once. I found it dead easy to use but image quality average at best.


  • +

    Preloaded 27 exposure film

  • +

    Small, lightweight and simple

  • +

    Process paid in some regions


  • -

    Landfill fodder

  • -

    Fixed focus & exposure

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I say this tongue in cheek but photography can be a chore. There’s all that faffing around with focusing, exposure settings, charging up batteries and loading memory cards or film. There’s none of that with this single use film camera. It comes preloaded with a roll of 27-exposure Ilford HP5 Plus black & white film, ISO 400, and a battery to power its flash. I found the hardest thing was getting the camera out of its retail carton, and that was very easy.

I like that there’s nothing to think about except taking photos. The camera has a fixed-focus lens with a natural focal length of 30mm and an aperture of f/9.5. The combination gives sufficient depth of field to retain sharpness from 1m to infinity. The shutter speed is also fixed at 1/100th of a second, so you’re relying on the latitude of the film to cover different lighting conditions. For shooting indoors or under low lighting, the built-in flash has a range of about 3m. All I have to do is press the shutter button to take a picture, then wind the crank to advance the film.


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Camera type35mm single-use
Film type suppliedIlford HP5 Plus ISO 400
Color / B&WB&W
Film length supplied1x 27 exposures
Minimum subject distance1m
Dimensions (W x H x D):110 x 54 x 32mm
Weight (inc film & battery):120g

The Kodak Black & White Tri-X 400 Single Use Camera is very similar to the Harman in terms of features, image quality and price, pre-loaded with ‘Kodak Professional’ Tri-X black & white film.


The Harman Reusable 35mm Film Camera can be reloaded instead of being used just once, and comes complete with two rolls of 36-exposure Kentmere Pan ISO 400 black & white film.

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