Yongnuo announces YN 35mm f/1.4C DF UWM lens for Canon full frame DSLRs

Yongnuo announces YN 35mm f/1.4C DF UWM lens for Canon full frame DSLRs
(Image credit: Yongnuo)

Yongnuo has announced a new YN 35mm f/1.4C DF UWM full frame lens for Canon full frame DSLRs, complete with an ultrasonic motor and a USB port for firmware updates for the previous version. 

With a maximum aperture of f/1.4 and the famously versatile focal length of 35mm, this fast lens is perfect for landscapes, portraiture, street photography and more. Rumor website Photo Rumors has reported that this lens supports both autofocus and manual focus, coming equipped with an electronic focus ring that lets you enjoy high-precision manual focus. 

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The 35mm f/1.4C also has glass optical lens and multilayer coating technology to effectively increase light transmittance and control backlight ghosting and flare. In addition, it has a gold-plated contact and high accuracy chrome-plated metal mount that to help boost signal conductivity, corrosion resistance and durability. 

The YN 35mm f/1.4C DF UWM lens produces a pleasantly shallow depth-of-field

The YN 35mm f/1.4C DF UWM lens produces a pleasantly shallow depth-of-field (Image credit: Yongnuo)

The biggest difference between this latest lens and the previous version is the addition of the Ultrasonic Wave Motor (UWM), which will help to make focusing on your subject faster, more accurate and quieter. Fast and quiet focusing is particularly helpful when you're trying to draw as little attention to yourself as possible - such as when you're shooting an event or a wedding. 

The lens will weigh around 700g, which is fairly weighty but only about 35g more than the Sigma Art 35mm f/1.4's 665g. It's actually lighter than Canon's own 35mm f/1.4, which weighs in at 760g. However, whether it will enjoy the same image quality as Sigma and Canon's offerings remains to be seen. 

US and UK pricing haven't been released yet, but the lenses should begin shipping in late 2019. The previous Yongnuo 35mm lens currently retails for around $378, so we would imagine that the latest version will likely be a similar price. 

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