Xiaomi 12 Ultra phone breaks cover ahead of rumored summer launch

3D concept renders of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra courtesy of LetsGoDigital (Image credit: LetsGoDigital )

After doubts that the Xiaomi 12 Ultra would actually appear – some claimed it may be replaced by the Mix 5 Pro – it seems likely that it’ll launch this summer. We’ve previously reported on the phone’s leaked specs, and now new info courtesy of Xiaomiui (via Notebookcheck) tells us that the Xiaomi 12 Ultra has apparently been spotted in Xiaomi's internal database and that the launch date will be in the third quarter of this year, so July, August or September.

Xiaomi 12 Ultra: Spotted! 

According to Xiaomiui, the phone with the model number 2206122SC and the internal codename L2S is the Xiaomi 12 Ultra, spotted in Xiaomi's own internal database. “ The L2 model number belonged to the Xiaomi 12 Pro. L2S belongs to Xiaomi 12 Ultra, a top model of Xiaomi 12 Pro. Back in 2020, the model number J1 (M2001J1C) belonged to the Mi 10 Pro. The model number of J1S (M2007J1SC), which came out 6 months after the Mi 10 Pro, belonged to the Mi 10 Ultra. For this reason, the market name of the device with model number L2S will be Xiaomi 12 Ultra,” stated Xiaomiui, in a report. 

Xiaomiui says that as the 2206 from the Xiaomi 12 Ultra model number corresponds to the date of June 2022, and phones launch a month later, meaning it’ll launch in July. “The Mi 10 Ultra model number started with 2007 and was introduced in August 2020. So Ultra devices are launching one month later,” explained Xiaomiui. 

Xiaomi 12 Ultra: Rumored specs

In terms of specifications for the Xiaomi 12 Ultra we are purely looking at rumours. A 50MP Samsung Isocell GN5 sensor to provide a wide-angle camera – this makes sense as its predecessor was used in the Mi 11 Ultra. We expect the other lenses to follow suit with high megapixel counts as this is always a signature in Xiaomi flagships. It was leaked earlier this year that Xiaomi has struck a deal with Leica and so the 12 Ultra will be branded with camera company logo. 

According to LetsGoDigital, the 12 Ultra is set to come with a 6.8-inch OLED panel with a QHD+ resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate. Further info from them is that 12 Ultra should come with a 5,000mAh, likely using the company's 120W charging standard, or even perhaps 200W.

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