Watch out DJI and Zhiyun: Manfrotto enters the gimbal stabilizer market

Manfrotto enters the gimbal stabilizer market
(Image credit: Manfrotto)

Manfrotto has now entered the gimbal stabilizer market with two new models and several intriguing add-on accessories.

The Manfrotto MVG220 Gimbal is the lighter of the two new models and can support up to a 2.2kg payload, making it ideal for smaller mirrorless cameras (opens in new tab) and lightweight APS-C DSLRs (opens in new tab). It features a detachable secondary arm that means you can easily switch from an upright single handle stance to an underslung, low-angle position to vary your shooting style. 

The camera attaches to the gimbal using a Manfrotto Quick Release Plate, therefore maintaining wide compatibility with Manfrotto tripods (opens in new tab) and camera supports, as well as standard Arca Swiss QR plates. The 3-axis stabilization features motor locks for simplified load balancing, while a convenient touchscreen control system also allows you to change camera settings like ISO and shutter speed from the gimbal. Novice gimbal users will also appreciate the inclusion of easy stabilization modes for shooting portrait footage, selfies, time-lapse and 360 video. Battery life is advertised at an average of 7 hours per charge.

(Image credit: Manfrotto)
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The bigger MVG460 gimbal packs the same control interface and extra features, but is sized to support up to 4.6kg of camera gear, which is easily enough to cater for high-end full-frame DSLRs (opens in new tab) and cine cameras (opens in new tab). Despite the added power demand from the larger motors required to stabilize heavier camera gear, the MVG460 boasts a very respectable 12-hour working usage time, presumably thanks to a larger capacity battery than that included with the MVG220.

The MVG460 is also available in a Pro Kit which bundles the gimbal with a follow focus attachment, as well as a remote control.

(Image credit: Manfrotto)
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What's more, Manfrotto is also launching an extendable boom attachment: the MVGBF-CF GimBoom. This 3-section carbon fiber pole allows you to elevate the gimbal up to 3.5m into the air for drone perspective, but without the expense or regulations of piloting a drone (opens in new tab) itself. That 3.5-metre figure is slightly misleading, however, as it includes the assumed height of the user - the boom itself measures 115cm extended, and 51cm when closed. The GimBoom uses simple twist-lock extension clamps and can support 6.5kg of load - enough to carry a MVG220 or MVG460 gimbal with a camera attached.

Manfrotto MVGBF-CF GimBoom (Image credit: Manfrotto)
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The new Manfrotto gimbals and accessories are now available to pre-order:

Manfrotto MVG220 gimbal: $399.95 at B&H (opens in new tab)| £349 at Wex (opens in new tab)

Manfrotto MVG460 gimbal: £529 at Wex (opens in new tab)

Manfrotto MVG460FFR Pro Kit: $749.95 at B&H (opens in new tab)| £699 at Wex (opens in new tab)

Manfrotto MVGBF-CF GimBoom: $189.95 at B&H (opens in new tab)| £184 at Wex (opens in new tab)

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