The best camera drones in 2024: take your photography & video to the skies

DJI Mini 4 Pro
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Amazon Prime Day is taking place on July 16-17, and the best Prime Day camera deals can be very tempting, but we don't see the same scale of discounts as Black Friday.  Some camera companies don't offer Prime deals at all, and even exclude Amazon from their own rebate schemes. 

With stock being volatile, our advice is that if you're ready to buy a product then jump on it now – prices probably won't fluctuate much, but stock levels will!

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Adam Juniper with a drone
Adam Juniper

Adam has been looking at cameras and gadgets since long before drones arrived, so he dived into the flying tech with enthusiasm, building several of his own before off-the-shelf possibilities emerged. He is not just our resident expert on all aspects of camera drones and drone photography, but the author of several books on the subject including bestsellers The Complete Guide to Drones and The Drone Pilot's Handbook.

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FeaturesHigh resolution, 10-bit video, with rotating camera, mission planning★★★★★
DesignEfficient styling but simple to use★★★★★
PerformanceFlawless performance within wind parameters★★★★★
ValueA good price for all the features, but there are cheaper ultralights if you can compromise★★★★
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FeaturesDual 48-MP camera system, waypoints, >40 flight time★★★★★
DesignExcellent cameras, though fixed aperture, no D-Log and cannot switch while shooting★★★★
PerformanceGreat 4K video at up to 100fps, and good AI★★★★★
ValueThis doesn't seem a lot more than the Mini 4 Pro for a better camera★★★★★
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FeaturesSubject tracking and remote-less operation★★★★★
DesignUltra-light folding cage ★★★★★
PerformanceAI tracking great, though battery could be longer★★★★
ValueSomething of a matter of opinion★★★★
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Features4K at 30fps video, rotating camera, option of Plus battery★★★★
DesignTypical DJI usability and choice of controllers★★★★★
PerformanceBrilliant, even in some gusts★★★★★
ValueThe price is very appealing if you don't need 4K at 60fps★★★★★
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FeaturesAcross the Pro & Cine models is a lot of choice★★★★★
DesignExcess is kept to a minimum despite a MFT main camera★★★★★
PerformancePowerful machine and impressive battery★★★★★
ValueThe Cine variant with on-board 1TB is pricey★★★★
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FeaturesGood resolution, although it lacks the dual-camera system of the Air 3★★★★
DesignNot 'light' but easy to travel with★★★★
PerformanceDecent battery, impressive camera and night modes★★★★★
ValueThe price is very appealing if you want creative control★★★★
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Features4K camera, extensive app features including subject tracking★★★★★
DesignStyling folding airframe, clever controller, decent app★★★★
PerformanceSharp video, effective 3-axis gimbal ★★★★★
ValueGreat prices, especially in the Fly More kit★★★★★
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FeaturesInterchangeable lens, optional RTK positioning★★★★★
DesignGorgeous, though delicate in places★★★★
PerformanceFast, powerful, though battery life could be better★★★★
ValueThis is very expensive, although production costs are lower than many pro setups despite dual batteries★★★★
Adam Juniper
Managing Editor

With over 20 years of expertise as a tech journalist, Adam brings a wealth of knowledge across a vast number of product categories, including timelapse cameras, home security cameras, NVR cameras, photography books, webcams, 3D printers and 3D scanners, borescopes, radar detectors… and, above all, drones. 

Adam is our resident expert on all aspects of camera drones and drone photography, from buying guides on the best choices for aerial photographers of all ability levels to the latest rules and regulations on piloting drones. 

He is the author of a number of books including The Complete Guide to Drones, The Smart Smart Home Handbook, 101 Tips for DSLR Video and The Drone Pilot's Handbook