TPS 2019: 5 must-see Masterclasses

The Photography Show kicks off this weekend, running from Saturday 16 to Tuesday 19 March at the NEC in Birmingham, UK. 

Running alongside the main Photography Show (and with an additional entrance charge), our Masterclasses are aimed at everyone from complete beginners to students and those who would like to go pro. 

Each Masterclass comprises a series of lectures by renowned speakers, and your £10 fee covers all the talks in that particular series on either Saturday or Sunday. Alternatively,  students can attend just the sessions they like on Tuesday for a £2.50 fee for each session.

All Masterclasses are all held in the Toute Suite or Piazza Suites, which you’ll find in the Piazza entrance area just outside Hall 5 – the hall where the main Photography Show and Video Show exhibition is located. Here's our pick of the five most inspiring Masterclasses. 

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Start your photography journey by learning some essential lessons from the experts. There’s a charge of £10 for this four-part programme, in addition to the show entry fee – choose between Saturday or Sunday morning at Piazza Suites 1-4.

10:30-11:05 The right tools
Understand common camera features to help you choose the right camera for you. Nina Bailey

11:05-11:40 Understanding exposure and choosing a lens
Learn about the exposure triangle and understand the theory of dynamic range. Andrew Appleton 

11:50-12:25 Introduction to editing
How to tweak tones and colour in post-production. Jo Bradford 

12:25-13:00 Composing your photos
A pro wildlife photographer explains essential techniques. Chris Weston

Beginners' Masterclass - half-day: £10 - PURCHASE A TICKET



Start your video-making journey by learning some essential lessons from the experts. There’s a charge of £10 for this four-part programme, in addition to the show entry fee – choose between Saturday or Sunday afternoon at Piazza Suites 1-4. 

14:00-14:35 Videography: the fundamentals
The essentials of fi lm-making terminology and equipment to help you get started. Jim Marks 

14:35-15:10 Amazing audio for total beginners
The basics of video sound – what mic to use and when. Alex Theakston 

15.15-15:50 Video editing 101
The fundamentals of editing from a wedding professional and YouTuber. Mandy Dhillon 

15:50-16.20 Introduction to visual storytelling
Why you need to aim to show more, and tell less. Rich Warren

Beginners' Masterclass - half-day: £10 - PURCHASE A TICKET



Looking to make the jump from enthusiast to professional photographer? This half-day masterclass will help you to understand the benefits of going pro, and what to watch out for. There’s a small charge of £10 for this four-session morning programme. Choose between Saturday or Sunday morning at the Toute Suite. 

10:00-10:30 How travel photography can improve your profile – and your client base
How working for NGOs can enhance your career. Saraya Cortaville 

10:30-11:10 Overcome your creative block
Why creatives get creative block, and how to overcome it. Tommy Reynolds 

11:10-11:40 Colour – the key to emotion
How to manipulate colour in Photoshop and Lightroom. Rocco Ancora 

11:40-12:10 Survival of the fittest
Discover the mistakes to avoid in your first year as a pro. Fabrizia Costa, Nick Driftwood, Karl Holtby

Turning Pro Masterclass - half-day: £10 - PURCHASE A TICKET



This half-day conference will help you take the steps from college into the professional film-making business. Each session costs £2.50 and the Masterclasses run throughout Tuesday 19 March at Piazza Suites 1-4. 

10:30-11:00 Tips for starting a career in film and TV
Advice on how to get going on this career path. Carys Kaiser 

11:05-11:35 Life as a freelance camera operator
Working as a freelancer can be appealing, and rewarding. Here’s some insight on what it’s really like day-to-day. Michael Mowbray 

11:40-15:20 Student to pro: How to thrive, not just survive
Tips on setting up and sustain a thriving business. Victoria Grech



This half-day conference will help you take the steps from college to professional photography. Each session costs £2.50 and they run on the afternoon of Tuesday, 19 March at Piazza Suites 1-4.

13:30-14:00 Bridging the gap – the reality of going pro
A starter kit for pushing your work out into the world. Tommy Reynolds 

14:10-14:40 An insider’s guide to starting out by assisting
Advice on approaching photographers and studios. Conrad Ohnuki 

14:50-15:20 Panel discussion: Take it from us…
Four talented pros discuss their business experiences. Alex Benyon, Marianne Chua, Jamie Stoker, Alexandra Cameron 

15:30-16:00 Speed meetings – your career questions answered
This session sees you rotate around tables of experts from the photo industry. Ask them any questions you like!

The Photography Show: booking details

There are over 200 exhibitors and over 300 free talks and demonstrations at The Photography Show and its sister event, The Video Show. Tickets are available now.

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