My dog ate my memory card... but the images survived!

SanDisk memory card with a puppy in the background
(Image credit: Lauren Scott/SanDisk)

Most of us have heard of the excuse "the dog ate my homework," something we say when we haven't done what we meant to and then blame it on our beloved canine pals. But I'd reckon most of us wouldn't use the excuse to explain why we didn't have the images for a client.

Well, it turns out that dogs will eat anything, and last week, my young puppy nearly swallowed my memory card with a whole shoot on it.

Lauren Scott
Freelance contributor/former Managing Editor

Lauren is a writer, reviewer, and photographer with ten years of experience in the camera industry. She's the former Managing Editor of Digital Camera World, and previously served as Editor of Digital Photographer magazine, Technique editor for PhotoPlus: The Canon Magazine, and Deputy Editor of our sister publication, Digital Camera Magazine. An experienced journalist and freelance photographer, Lauren also has bylines at Tech Radar,, Canon Europe, PCGamesN, T3, Stuff, and British Airways' in-flight magazine (among others). When she's not testing gear for DCW, she's probably in the kitchen testing yet another new curry recipe or walking in the Cotswolds with her Flat-coated Retriever.